All these F***ing people who think the Patriots are gonna go undefeated...?

Question:If anyone objects, please tell me...

1) The wide receivers. When Rand Moss was in Oakland, he has never been a number one receiver... And people already think that Brady and Moss are the best WR QB Tandem..
With a guy like Stallworth who is short and is a complete suicide if you throw to him, people still think that Stallworth will hit the 1,00 yards mark?

2) The coaching staff has no hearts for the players... Jabar Gaffney is a 33rd pick in 2002 draft, and now they are going to waste his talent and put him as a sixth receiver... People say that Bill Belicheck is a supperstar because of his awesomeness in Patriots, put him with the 1995 Bucs Do you whink he would come up with something genius like Tampa 2?

3) THe way you think your defense is gonna run like machines, yeah right Pats fans... Asante officially declared that he is not happy with the franchise tag so he will not do his best and the new comer Adalius Thomas is a complete overweight compared to his height


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haha i totally agree. these Pat fans are all cocky right now but watch , they wont get very far. all these people saying that the Patriots are guaranteed to win the superbowl this year will be veryyyyyyyyyyyy disappointed.

also, Randy Moss wont help at all. im no raider fan, but ive seen how crappy he plays. hes only good wen he "feels like it" haha good luck with that patriots.

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16-0? no but i think 13-3 sounds good

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No way the Pats are going undefeated... They will be no better than 15 and 1

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Who said undefeated? I'm just saying that with all of the talent they have brought in + how well they did last year WITHOUT that talent + losing by a 1st down in the AFC Championship game + the coaching that goes on with that team + their consistency.It is REALLY hard to argue against them being the Super Bowl favorite. I am by no means saying they'll go 16-0...but I'm not going to rule out 14-2 at all...Went 12-4 last season after all...and it's the Patriots...adding talent to the team is sure to make them a better team despite the record anyway, even though I believe 14-2 is very possible for them.

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no way, Moss gets his period again and it's all over

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they might not go undefeated
Moss and Stallworth both have speed and are deep threats
Stallworth hitting 100 mark? you kidding me? Pats have one of the best receiving corps as of now...if they did what they did last season without any of these famed receivers, see how much they can do WITH the receivers with talent

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Anyone who says that the Patriots will go undefeated is just blowing steam - I highly doubt that any team will ever match the perfect '72 dolphins, hell it's damn near impossible to match the 1-loss '85 Bears! But the fact is that the absolute main reason that the Patriots haven't built upon their dynasty since 2004 is that Tom Brady has had no one to throw to. They've always had a strong offensive line, Corey Dillon and Laurence Maroney made a great 2-headed running machine last year and I suspect they'll do just fine with Sammy Morris and Kevin Faulk filling in for Dillon, and the defense is aging a bit but still quite solid (if Asante Samuels doesn't hold out and is on the field for week 1, you can bet he'll be going all out that will not be an issue). WR has been their one weak spot and now they've filled it with not one, but two guys that would be the #1 go-to guy on 3/4 of the teams in the NFL. I don't know what you're talking about with Stallworth - he's a solid player who has certainly proven himself over the last few seasons. As for Moss, there's no argument that his 2 seasons on Oakland were basically pathetic. But you've got to remember that Oakland as a whole has been absolutely terrible and there's been no one to get him the ball! Yes, he admitted to not giving his all, which is a huge knock on his character. But being a Bears fan I saw a lot of Moss when he was with the Vikings, and when he's in a good offense with a quarterback who can actually get the ball into his hands (which you can't argue he'll find in New England) he goes all out and is nearly unstopable. Basically, what I'm saying is that New England probably won't go undefeated, but they took an already good playoff teaming and shored up it's only glaring weak spot with 2 of the best players at the position in the game today. I'm not saying that the Pats are a shoe-in for the title because there's no such thing as a shoe-in, but look for the Vegas oddsmakers (who tend to know what they're talking about) to declare the Pats as having one of the, if not the overall, best chances of winning it all in 2007. Barring too many injuries it looks like the Patriots might be the team to beat in the AFC this year

Do u thank moss will do good for the Patriots?

Patriots are going to go 11-5. They will lose to the Jets twice and lose to other dominate AFC teams. They have an old defense and no chemistry on offense, they wont be able to get it together in one season.

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Anybody that argues how good the Pats are gonna go undefeated and win the Superbowl the week after the draft, based on the fact of how their squad looks on paper. C'mon, big names does not translate to big season and most the time it's to many ego's in one locker room for it to work, and in this case that's all they are is name's who were big at one point in time. There's to much unpredictable outcomes in the NFL and especially for people to rant and rave a couple days after the draft about how good their gonna be. Furthermore if Pat's fans took a look at their past teams that was never the formula for their sucess. It's been late rd. draft picks who pan out, players who are unselfish & sacrifice for the team and most of all positive attitude regardless the situation, and I believe that's the opposite of your so called savior they picked up in Moss. Good luck, but they will be lucky to win the division.

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Pats will go 9-6, get in the playoffs as a wild card team and go out in the first round ......

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someone understands the redskins spend so much money on free agents and when was the last time they were even close to 10-6.

Do you think the lakers team will make it to the superbowl?

Colts will finally get their undefeated season, after 2 failed attempts. Then they will rape the patriots in the playoffs. End Story.

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I think the Patriots look good on paper, but the regular season has a way of making the best analysts look like idiots. I thought Stallworth was a good receiver here in Philly but he has the same downside that Moss has, and for that matter, as Owens and Johnson. That is they are high-maintenance gridiron divas.

Undefeated? Not likely, but 10, maybe 11 wins at best.

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The '72 Dolphins went 3-3 in pre-season. The Patriots might lose a pre-season game, as well, but they are probably not physically capable of losing after September 1st. January in the snow? San Diego won't like that, too slippery for LT.

The colts won't even make the playoffs. The defense was terrible last year (although they played well in 3 of the 4 post season games), and they lose their best player. Expect Indy to go 8-8 with the #32 defense

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I don't see the stupid Patriots going undefeated.

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I don't know where you've obtained your information but where ever it was from was not a good source of reality. The Patriots are going to be formidable this year just because of all the off season acquisitions. That does not mean they will ever go undefeated. When Randy Moss drops the ball which he seems to have the knack for will he be benched? When Thomas can't stop the run is he going to be benched? I think the media has "HYPED" this whole thing up and blown it way out of proportion as they usually do. The AFC is so very competitive that this will not happen in this coming season or the next and maybe not ever again. The only thing the Patriots are undefeated in is being "over-hyped, arrogant SOB'S" and that is all. Brady is a competitive QB and he will have good weapons this year but he will still only have the same O-line he had last year so defenses can and will penetrate and put him on his can!! Perhaps they will see the playoffs but as we've seen in the many years the best team doesn't always advance! Don't get your pannies in a bunch the Patriots have the same chance of making the Super-bowl as your favorite team does.

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Nope, the Dolphins have a knack for "stopping" those undefeated seasons, '85 bears, who WHOOPED the bears? Miami, I'd laugh if they do it again.

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People get a little over board when a team picks up a player. They forget Randy Moss isn't 22 anymore. And I don't think he can play like that anymore. He doesn't have the heart of a champion. It's a long season, Brady could go down or the chemistry isn't there. Who knows. I think they'll be 10-6, the NFL is too competitive these days.

Thoughts on Quinn dropping so low?

As a pats fan, I have heard lucky this lucky that. Our past record speaks for itself. I would say the Belichick & Pioli tandum is one of the best in the league. There is no more taking 5 years to rebuild a team because of the salary cap. It's now or never. As far as Moss goes! Look at the players they brought in with so called attitudes. Harrison, Dillon, Washington. Lets face it, the Patriots have put together a winning formula ever since Belichick came to town. Look at it this way. How many Superbowls did Parcel win after Belichick left his side? "0" thats how many. Belichick brings in the players that he feels will get the job done and everyone is indispensable! Ask Drew Bledsoe! As far as the coaches not having any heart. Take Pete Carrol, he had a lot of heart and was close to his players. How many rings did he produce while he was here? Belichecks relationship with the players is a mutual respect for what is to take place on the football field in regards to winning! Football players are payed to win. Kraft is in a business to make money not lose it. They want players with the desire to make it to the Big Game and not the desire for the Big Bucks! Assante has rings and there is nothing left to achieve accept the big Pay Day. You don't want those type of people any longer cause they no longer have the hunger within to win. They been there, done that. Out of curiosity, how do you know Gaffney is going to be the 6th receiver. Training camp hasn't even started yet. Did you know that Gaffney had the best 2007 post season stats of any receiver in the playoffs?
To answer the question: I personally don't think the Patriots will go undefeated. But you know something? Going undefeated in the regular season means absolutely nothing! If you are good enough to make it to the playoffs, then it's a whole new season.

Does anyone think that the NFL Draft is completely overrated and overanalyzed?

The Patriots are going to suck this year. Look at the Washington Redskins. Every offseason they make big moves like this and look at how it turns out for them. Patriots fans don't want to face the fact that their little "dynasty", if that's what you want to call it, is OVER!

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They won't go undefeated, and prolly no on ever will again, it's too hard these days. There's just too many good teams these days, and this year will be on of those years where almost everyone is good, PLUS: The Pats have to fave Miami. '85 Bears, '06 Bears game ring a bell? What happen, they lost, and Miami sucked BOTH of those years. 33-13 was the score, I may be off a couple of points, think. Miami will beat another team again if they're undefeated. They just have a knack for doing that.

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they dont have a chance at undefeated.....only one team has done that and i dont think thats ever going to change.

1) Oakland sucked something horrible. Nobody could have had success there. Moss has a chance of being the old Moss. 32 is not old for a receiver. Jerry Rice was great way past 32. Stallworth is small but hes just a #2 or 3 way does he get 1000 yards...who thought he would? he hasnt come close in his career so far.

2) give him a break, hes won 3 Super Bowls so he must be pretty good....and how many Super Bowls have the Bucs won?....Tampa 2 is great but theyve won 1 Super Bowl...
1 is less than 3

3) adalius thomas is not overweight at all...hes a hybrid linebacker-defensive end..

btw, what exactly is overweight? Sapp weighed 300 pounds at 6ft tall..

hes a good athlete...hes very fast for his size..thats all that matters...

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