2007 Heisman Trophy?

Anybody have any early predictions for the 2007 Heisman Trophy?


Has ANYBODY not seen FLUTIES hail mary pass?

Well, I strongly believe that Uofl quarterback Brian Brohm and Arkansas running back Darren McFadden are the top two candidates for this award. You can also include WVU running back Steve Slaton to the top of this list. I like Brohm because this year he is healthy and has a plethora of weapons on offense that will help his numbers. UofL has an explosive offense and the system that Steve Kragthorpe will have in place will give Brohm the chance to put up huge numbers. Brohm would have been a top 20 pick in this years NFL draft if he decided to go pro but he decided to stick around another year. I predict a huge year for Brohm. Arkansas running back Darren McFadden is probably the most explosive individual player. Last year, he did it all for the Arkansas offense. He played some QB, some running back, and even a little receiver. He was dangerous and put up huge numbers. This year, it should be no different. He will have a great opportunity to touch the ball 90% of the time on offense. He will still share the ball with Felix Jones but McFadden is a one of the time player. Slaton, if he returns healthy, has the possibility to put up big numbers in WVU's spread offense. WVU will have the potential to win the national championship and Slaton will play a huge role in this. The more they win, the better his chances are because he will be in the spotlight..

Who do you think will be the biggest steal in the draft this year?

mcFadden narrowly beats out Booty and McKnight

What team is going to be the Best in the NFL next year?

Jonathon Stewart - Oregon

How does the NFL Draft Day work?

Mike Hart--Michigan


Nah, probably McFadden

Is anybody else sick of hearing about the NFL draft?

Colt Brennan

How can the Saints cut John Carney, besides his age the guy has been one of the most accurate kickers for year

Winner: Mike Hart
Runner-up: PJ Hill

What Football Position Should I Play?

I'm think it's gonna be Darren McFadden or Colt Brennan. I'd like to see Ray Rice get it though.

What do you think of the Pacman Jones and Chris Henery suspension?

i say the lead candidates are:

brian brohm
brian mcfadden
steve slaton
colt brennan

the darkhorses are:

mike hart
john david-booty
ray rice

Why isn't Roger Craig in the hall of fame?

Darren McFadden

Where will michael turner end up?

Colt McCoy- Texas

Young on the Cover?

Darren Mcfadden, the only way he will lose if his team wins like 1 game or he gets injured and only plays half a season.

Is Brett Favre coming backa good thing or a bad thing?

I think McFadden has a good chance, but Tim Tibo, Ray Rice, Michael Hart, John David Booty, Steve Slaton, and Pat White all have a good chance.

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