2007 2008 nfl predictions?

Question:NFC North
bears-13-3 (first round bye)
packers-9-7 (Wild Card)
vikings- 7-9

NFC East

NFC South
Saints-13-3(Home Field throughout)
Panthers-10-6 (wild card)

NFC West

AFC North

AFC East
Patriots-14-2 (home field throughout)
Jets-12-4 (wild card)

AFC South
Colts-13-3 (First Round Bye)
Jaguars-10-6 (Wild Card)

AFC West

NFC Playoffs

(3)Eagles over (6)Packers
(4)9ers over (5)Panthers

(1)Saints over (3)Eagles
(2)Bears over (4)9ers

(1)Saints over (2)Bears

AFC Playoffs

(3)Bolts over (6)Jags
(4)Ravens over (5)Jets

(1)Pats over (4)Ravens
(3)Bolts over (2)Colts

(1)Pats over (3)Bolts

SB- Pats over Saints 34-28


Now that I know about the chiefs, how many times have the Okaland Radiers beat the Kansas City Chiefs?

NFC North sounds about right, I feel the Vikings and Lions will be switched though.

NFC East Cowboys will be top with 12-4
Giants will be 9-7
Eagles 7-9
Redskins 2-14 They will have #1 pick 2008 draft

NFC South looks good, I believe the Saints will succed in home field, the Falcons may win another game though.

NFC West needs changing, 49ers will be at the top but with a 9-7
Seahawks and RAms will be tied at 8-8 and Cardinals will be 7-9

AFC North looks good. Steelers will be lucky to win that many games though.

AFC East looks good also, except for the Bills, I feel they may win a few more than you predicted.

AFC South Titans are taking this one, no doubt at all. Colts will be a strong second with a 9-7 and then the Jaguars with a 8-8. Texans will finish at the bottom with a 6-10.

AFC West is a tough one. The only thing everyone knows for sure is that the Raiders will finish at the bottom here, probably with a 5-11. However I feel the Chargers will tie for first with the Broncos with a 11-5. Cheifs will take the 10-6.

As for playoffs, boy that is a tough one also, NFC Cowboys all the way. That is my team. Have to believe in them.
Realisticlly though, the Saints look to be the team to beat . AFC I believe will come down to The Broncos or the Patriots. I just can not choose now.
Super Bowl will go to the AFC team that makes it.

That is my prediction now. Ask again in the middle of August to see where I stand then.

What is the best NFL division for rivalries?

colts repeat dosent matter

What position should i play?

Those seem to be reasonable predictions. I would swap the 49ers/Rams and also Ravens/Bengals.

What do the bears need more a TE OR DT offence or defence?

The only problem with your logic is the Colts losing to the Chargers, and the Bears going so far. The Colts will be as good, if not better this year. The final game for the AFC will come down to the Pats and the Colts with the winner taking it all. The NFC just doesn't have the ability to compete with the AFC. The Bears will get blown away this year. The Saints are going to come back a very strong team.

Top 10 punter returners in yardage for National Football League since 1950?

The Packers will not be 9-7. They will be lucky to be 7-9.

Where Do u think Quinn is going?

NFC North
Chicago 10-6*
Minnesota 8-8
Green Bay 8-8
Detroit - 6-10

NFC East
Philadelphia 12-4*
Dallas 10-6*
New York Giants 7-9
Washington 7-9

NFC South
New Orleans 14-2*
Carolina 9-7
Atlanta 7-9
Tampa Bay 5-11

NFC West
San Francisco 11-5*
St. Louis 9-7*
Arizona 8-8
Seattle 6-10

AFC North
Baltimore 11-5*
Cincinnati 9-7
Pittsburg 7-9
Cleveland 3-13

AFC East
New England 13-3*
New York Jets 12-4*
Buffalo 9-7
Miami 6-10

AFC South
Indianapolis 12-4*
Jacksonville 10-6

AFC West
San Diego 13-3*
Denver 10-6*
Kansas City 9-7
Oakland 4-12

NFC Playoffs
(1) New Orleans
(2) Philadelphia
(3) San Francisco
(4) Chicago
(5) Dallas
(6) St. Louis

San Francisco def. St. Louis
Dallas def. Chicago

New Orleans def. San Francisco
Philadelphia def. Dallas

New Orleans def. Philaelphia

AFC Playoffs

(1) New England*
(2) San Diego*
(3) Indianapolis
(4) New York
(5) Baltimore
(6) Denver

Indianapolis def. Denver
New York Jets def. Baltimore

San Diego def. Indianapolis
New England def. New York Jets

San Diego def. New England

New Orleans 38, San Diego 34 in Super Bowl XLII

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