About how much will the average ticket to this years U of M vs. Ohio State game cost?

Question:It's in Ann Arbor this year and I really would like to go since it is pretty much everyone that matters' senior year.

I went the last time it was at Ann Arbor but don't recall how much I paid for tickets.

Anyone have any idea how much they might be?

Thanks in advance!


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You can get them for about $300 a ticket.

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Man, must be like upwards of a few hundred dollars? My sis goes to Michigan and I happen to be a Buckeye fan... Go figure..

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Probably way to much!

Its getting to the state where less and less folks can afford to attend these sporting events as it is!


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if you buy them from someone or an agency it will depend on records, this year people were paying up to 500 per ticker in columubs

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