What notorious NFL "bust" makes you cringe or laugh the most?

How about Sammie Smith. Drafted 1st round, 9th pick by the Dolphins in '90 or '91. Had more fumbles than touchdowns. Played 3 seasons. Traded to Denver. Played 3 games. Convicted of drug trafficking in '95. 7 years in prison.


Patriots got Stallworth!!?

Or, how bout the Packers passing up Barry Sanders to pick Tony Mandarich.

Complete biography Of Football player LT that plays for the chargers?

Sorry still ryan leaf

Patriots just signed Donte Stallworth! What do you think of that?

tim couch comes to my mind . kicked a** at kentucky, #1 draft pick in 2003? i think, now out of football

Where can you find a New Orleans Saint visor like what was worn by the team in 2006/ 2007?

I still have ulcers from that tony manderich pick

Browns fans only?

Tim Couch. And since McNabb was the best that came out of it i would include the whole quarterback draft that year. Just a bunch of bums.

Who thinks rex grossman is good?

being a browns fan i would have to go with

tim couch
courtney brown
gerrard warren
william green

The next bad team to win a superbowl?

Andre Johnson or Demetrius Underwood (and no, not the WR Andre Johnson). Both first round picks, neither played a down for the team that drafted them. Both barely even appeared in the league. I think Johnson was worse because Charlie Casselry thought he was good, and he wasn't. He wasn't even crappy. Underwood was good, just crazy. Of course everyone knew it and Minnesota took him anyways.

What does MJ stand for in sports?

Don Majowski

Aaron Brooks has some big ears! Does he get X.M. Radio on them things?

Definatley what the browns have passed up like Mcnabb and LT. But Ryan Leaf and Brian Bosworth were total busts.

Why do people think Matt Schaub is so good?

For total bustability you have to give the Packers the win on this.Passing up Barry Sanders for a guy that goes down in history as the worlds greatest steroid junkie,and most people cant even remember his name.

Who are the top 10 rushing qbs in the history of the nfl based on yardage.?

As a Browns fan, I have to say Tim Couch our #1 draft pick in 1999. The face of the franchise. He totally sucked. I hope Brady Quinn does not fill that role also.

Has there ever been an NFL player who has played another proffesional sport besides baseball?

Akili Smith...1st round 3rd pick...it makes me laugh..alot

Why does Patrick Kerney get a pass but Vick get roasted about anything?

I still say Ryan Leaf and his anger problems.

Does anybody watch arena football?

QB David Klingler of the Bengals. Not only was he a horrible player but the Bengals ran out Boomer Esiason in the process. Boomer later on had a solid career with the Jets before comming back to Cincy for one more year. Ryan Leaf a close second. because he did not run out a already established QB on his team, they sucked at that position already.

What is a possession receiver in football?

i get a huge laugh out of Ryan Leaf...that guy was just a train wreck spliced with unintentional comedy....

but as a Lions fan, Charles Rogers makes me sad....

Nfl player question?

Ryan Leaf! Duh. He was so hyped up because he was a junior who led his average Washington State team to a Rose Bowl win and when he entered the draft, everyone thought "Oh, this guy is gonna be good." Everyone compared him to Peyton Manning and said Manning didn't amount to anything in college. So everyone thought Leaf should be number one. I laugh every time Manning throws a TD or breaks a record because I know what Ryan Leaf is thinking.

Who will throw the most interceptions this year? Brady Quin or Jamarcus Russell?

There are good choices: Ryan Leaf, Akili Smith, Courtney Brown, Maurice Clarett. But I'll pick Brian Bosworth only because he was hailed as the next Butkus or Nitschke and Bo Jackson turned him into the next Shirley Temple. I can still picture Jackson steamrolling him on that run. Man, what a bust!

What team do you think will draft Brady Quinn?

Nobody's mentioned my personal favorite--- The Boz. How could a guy with a mullett like that not make it the NFL?

Alright I guess someone did mention him.

Why do the colts put all there money on O instead of D?

Biggest bust: QB - Ryan Leaf (Played horribly and had attitude problems, getting into screaming matches with the coaches on the sidelines. Got both the head coach (Kevin Gilbride ) fired and put the GM (who was previously considered a Hall of Fame caliber GM) (Bobby Beathard) on the hot seat. Leaf had poor relationships with the media and his teammates, whom he tended to blame for his poor play. In one locker room incident during Leaf's rookie year, he was caught on camera screaming at a reporter "Don't **** talk to me all right! Knock it off!" and had to be physically restrained by teammate Junior Seau. Another on-camera incident involved Leaf confronting a heckling Chargers fan during a practice session. Two coaches had to restrain Leaf and escort him off the field. His relationship with then-Chargers safety Rodney Harrison was notoriously acrimonious, and Harrison described being a member of the Chargers during Leaf's rookie season as "a nightmare you can't even imagine". Not only was he a bad player, but he actually hurt his teammates, his coaches, and the franchise with his bad attitude.)

Makes Cringe: WR - Rae Carruth (He orchestrated the execution-style murder of his pregnant girlfriend because she refused to have an abortion. He apparently really wanted that baby dead and got his wish. )

Makes laugh: DL - Keith Mallard (After crashing his car into a hardees, police came to arrest him on DUI charges. But what he said to them makes it the greatest. He resisted arrest and when the police drew there guns, he claimed "My arms are stronger than your guns". )

What if Jim Brown played longer?

Im going to tackle the lauph the most part
Cecil Collins was supposed to be the next big thing coming out of high school. He went to LSU and ended up breaking his leg there but before he did he did a couple of routine B and E's, like going in like a cat burglar stuff. So he got the boot from LSU.
Then he tried to resurrect his career at McNeese St. where yes for some damn reason another routine B and E.
The dude had so much talent that Jimmie Johnson made him the 1st pick in the 5th round in 1999 for the Dolphins and held it together to rush for like 500 yards, story made good huh, nope the damn thug broke into a couple of apartments in Miami that December he is doing 15 years in prison in Florida scheduled release is 2014.
What a waste.

Dallas Cowboys, Draft, Worst & best Picks?

Ryan Leaf, David Carr, Akili Smith, KiJana Carter, Brian Bosworth. Lol, the Boz!

Yo Egle fan, whats your boy Donovan's mama making him for supper tonight?

Ryan Leaf. He makes me laugh. I go to West Texas A & M where that loser is employed as the golf coach. I've seen him in the hallway a couple of times and he acts like he's too good to speak. He's still stuck up and he still sucks.

Who are you're 3 favorite NFL Teams?

Tony Mandarich and Tim Couch come to mind

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