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Question:Is the judgement correct and the discipline fitting of the crime?
Do you think players like (Titans) pac-man Jones and (Bengals) Henry are justified in challenging the NFL's judgement? Why? or Why not?
Do you think either one will win their appeals?


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They are both bringing the league down. They should be treated for what they are. criminals. It is time we stop ignoring when athletes break the law.

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I think they are justified in challenging the ruling because it is their right to do so. They feel like they were treated unfairly in their suspensions since this is unprecedented. Unfortunately for them, they will lose the appeals and serve their suspensions, thus sending a message to other NFLers that this league is not about to become another NBA as far as conduct is concerned.

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No i dont believe either will win their appeal. I dont think that these punishments neccisarily fit the cirme. But they are still good punishments, my reasoning is that they must set an example. Jones and Henry really shouldnt be getting in trouble with the law as much as they are, but they still should be punished severly because if this stop just one athlete from doing something stupid and getting into trouble with the law then its worth it. I believe it will be very effective.

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If the commissioner isn't just using these two as an example, then it's not really an issue, outside of the fact that Chris Henry has already been suspended a total of four games (two by the league and two by the team) for his drug and gun convictions, and is now being suspended half the season for reckless driving and paying for a hotel room that somebody else drank in (he was not present). That part seems inequitable, as well as double jeopardy, since he's being punished twice for the first two convictions. He's an idiot, don't get me wrong, but the commissioner should be consistent. I don't think either will win their appeals, unless nothing is done about Joey Porter, in which case there is a clear double standard, based on the fact that this wasn't an isolated incident for Porter.

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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! They deserve to be supended. Especially Pacman. He's a bad influence. Think about it like this: If anyone with a regular life got in trouble as much as Pacman, they would lose their job. But Pacman's just getting SUSPENDED. And what about Bonds. Everybody hates him because they "believe" he took steroids. And they want him ut of baseball! He hasn't even done anything yet. Why is it different from pacman or henry. It isn't! So there's no way they should get off the hook. They're lucky they don't lose their jobs.

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I was unaware that Henry was appealling his supension. It is their right but odds are they will not get overturned.

My thought -- sit the games get your life straight then come back and play the game.

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