A few things i came up with.!? all QB related.?

Question:ok i was thinking ok. well you know the red sox curse of the great bambino well how about this
1.dan marino was a great QB but had no quality players and was forced to carry the franchise,because of this he never won a ring.so i think he left a curse. the curse of the great marino (lol).seriously after he retired the dolphins have had no succes at the position.even now all they have is a hope for trent green, and injured culpepper, and cleo lemon. and if trent does make it to the fins i think he will have a few bad seasons then retire
2. lastly how do you like my nick name for this QB.this QB is extremely overrated. he is a homosexual i swear it.he cheated his way to a superbowl using pass interference calls.stole the MVP award from his running backs.would suck if he didnt have his receivers.a product of the system.anyway im sure you know im talking about peyton mannin.so here is his nickname-Pay-A-Ton Manning.anyone like it?
3.tom brady rocks.GO Patriots and Red Sox from hur in IL


Does anyone have any AFL or NFL direct contacts?

i agree.good idea. love it. go pats and red sox from right hur in illinois now. tom brady does rock. you are right on all those things. love nickname. curse is nice.

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go illinois!

Who is better the eagles or cowboys?

Now I know peyton was a little f'ed up for those calls but as far as sucking. Statistically Peyton Manning has been the best QB in the league for like three or four years straight the real reason he didn't win won until now is because he defense wasn't up to par as far as his runninbacks yes they did great but it's hard to give an MVP award to two players and lets face it , seperately they weren't much but together they were . As far as the curse you definitely have a point I mean it explains just about everything that has gone wrong for dolphins.

Football Help?

I got nothing to say about Peyton just his little brother is the biggest B in the world.

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