Anyone sick of Pats Fans?

Question:this is all you hear

1.) " We are now officially better than the Colts"- well tha Pats have more to worry about than the Colts. The Jets and Bills have imroved since last year. Pats better worry about division rivels. Remember the Jets beat you guys at home and dumping Brady on his *** on the last play. What was the excuse for that loss.. The refs? the weather? not wearing their lucky jocks? Always an excuse

2.) " With Moss we are going to the superbowl" - well news for ya, better put an add in the Boston Globe for a defense. They got a short saftey in the 1st round and gave up a 4th for Moss. he hasn't done NOTHING since his days in Minnesota. You might as put Wes Welker on the field before Moss, since you paid this guy alot. Welker wouldn't even make other teams. WHy do you think the Phin let him go? He is a special teamer making starter money, good money management there. They are gonna be easy to defend. Pass-Pass-Pass PUNT! Pats will be .500 at best. NO DEFENSE!!


Catching Problem?

I hate the pats. thier coach is an @sshole, they have an over rated qb in Brady. All of thier fans are bandwagoners and are only fans when they win. I hope they fail. i like watching them lose..

Does any1 noe the name of this sam spence song on nfl network?

Pats sucked for so long that fans deserve a good team. but tom brady is going to break his leg this year. yes, i called it first here on yahoo.

Is it true-Brett Favre for GROSSman and a 2nd round pick?

13-3 and I don't even like them...

For madden fans!?

Im completely sick and tired of pats fans but am happy that the Patriots dynasty is long gone. Brady is an overrated QB. The Patriots always find something/someone to blame because they are a bunch of sore losers. With Randy moss the only thing that means is more picked off passes and dropped balls for the pats. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS IS WHERE ITS AT!

What do you think of my Mock Draft!?

If the Patriots lose two games it well be amazing. Stop hating on the Patriots. Cassel could run that offense all year and they would still win 12 games.

Will the cowboys win the superbowl in the next 5 years?

Obviously these are comments from a dissapointed patriots hater. Everyone hates a champion. The pats are an easy target I guess. Let's see; superior coaching evidenced by numerous wins over "more talented" teams (i.e. the indy colts in the divisional playoff in '04, or the trouncing of the overrated steelers in the championship game one year later), or is it the fact that talented players continually take less money to play in new england because they like to win (i.e. Moss, Brady, Bruschi, Seymore, Vrabel), or is it that they just keep winning despite injuries?
No one person can know the answers to all of these questions but I'm sure my jelous friend will dispute all of these points. While he's busy with that, however, i will enjoy watching my patriots win yet another Lombardi trophy. Don't loose sleep over it, just cuddle up with your Peyton Manning Beenie Baby

P.S. the Buffalo Bills will not be improved, if you had been paying attention to thier poor off season you'd notice. ond Welker only led the 'Fins in punt and kickoff yards, yards per compltion, and yards after the catch, but he stinks.

Anyone else sick of the fact that Patriots never get called for holding?

I can't stand 'em Tom Brady and the Pats.always been my rivial because I'm the Dolphins fan but the Dolphins ain't going anywhere because they picked Ohio St running back over Quinn and that's very bad move on the Dolphins part.

Other than Adrian Peterson and Marshan Lynch what rookie Rb has the best chance for success?

lol, you're a serious hater. you're forgetting about them signing Adalius Thomas, a player who fits well with their system and was the best available defensive free agent this year. And they're not just gunna pass. You sound so ignorant. You're forgetting about Laurence Maroney and his potential to be a top 5 back with his combination of power and speed. Atleast when you hate, get your facts straight. And as far as Moss, he didn't do nothing in Oakland because the team was trash and didn't care about winning. Also, because the Raiders lacked this little thing called a Quarterback. Why should he have been playing his heart out for a team that wasn't trying their hardest either? Now he will be motivated to prove all the doubters wrong and be the Moss of old. He even took a pay cut just to play for the Pats. And by evidence of his 4.29 40 yard dash, he really hasn't lost a step either.

What happened to Michael Bishop - QB K state?

I'm a Bills fan thru and thru, but.

I see the worst the pats will do this year is: 11-5

The Pats have made some seriously fantastic moves already and the preseason has barely begone. :-(

Moss will make their team even better. He won't grab huge amounts of cathes and TDs this year, but he knows that. He's starting to get up there in age and he KNEW he wouldn't do squat if he stayed in Oakland. His ability to draw the double team play after play is one thing the Pats didn't have last year.

Even if Moss only catches 2 pass for 14 yrds in a game, he'll be content because he knows that what he did in the game, will help them earn that victory that week.

You watch, he'll give 100% every game this year, because he knows that he has a very, very good shot at the Superbowl Ring..

Back to the original question tho: As a Bills Fan of course I'm sick of hearing Pats fans talk, but. they do have a reason to talk, don't they? They are certainly strong Superbowl contenders still. The holes you mentioned on Def? Ya might wanna take a closer look at the moves they have already made via free agency....they haven't lost a step, in fact they are even better than last year. :-(

Madden 2006 Glitch?

Hell ya...i hate the patriots...they are the luckiest team in the history of the NFL

Acronym for FINISH...its for football?

ok first...I am not a pats fan...but I do acknowledge that they won three titles in a row, and that brady is one of the best in the business...if not just for his play on the field, but the fact that he was willing to renegotiate his contract so other players could be who else would do that? thats a true leader...Manning wouldnt...he just complained that the team needed to sign other guys but wouldnt budge to help the situation... if you honestly think the Pats will be .500 or less youre lying to yourself...



Football is number one sport in the world!!!?

1) We have always been better than the Colts.

2) We were going to the Super Bowl before we got Moss.

Now that Cleveland traded ahead of KC and took Quinn, Will they be reluctant to trade Green to Miami?

ahhhhh jealousy is a motha isn't it LMAO its pathetic how jealous you get over overpaid athletes that would just assume spit on you than give you the time of day.

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