Am i too focused on height?

I have not played football since i graduated highschool. i am waiting to graduate from my community college so i can transfer to a university and be a walk-on. I am a natural athlete but my only worry is my height i am only 5 foot 9 inches (and very close to dunking a basketball) and want to go out for strong safety. I am fast, strong and i have gained between 10-15lbs of muscle. am i focused too much on my height?


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My strong safety is 6'1
my free safety is 5'5.

my strong safety has a better interception rate -
my free safety breaks bones -

I played 5 years at Middle linebacker in college.
6'4 - 245 pounds at my biggest.
I coached NCAA DIVs 2 and 3.

Here's my advice: wait until you get there -
when you get to try outs, let the headcoach know you want to play defense, and try out with the defense at safety.

The worst case scenario is; the coaching staff willl tell you where they'd like you to play and you can either continue practicing for that position or walk away.

Me personally: I hope you make it and have a blast!

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Why don't you read some articles on Doug Flutie? Nothing is impossible if you want it badly enough.

From Wikipedia...

Doug Flutie
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Date of birth October 23, 1962 (1962-10-23) (age 44)
Place of birth Flag of United States Manchester, Maryland
Position(s) Quarterback
College Boston College
NFL Draft 1985 / Round 11/ Pick 285

Career highlights
Pro Bowls 1998
Awards 1998 NFL Comeback P.O.Y.
1997 CFL's M.O.P.
1996 CFL's M.O.P.
1994 CFL's M.O.P.
1993 CFL's M.O.P.
1992 CFL's M.O.P.
1991 CFL's M.O.P.
1997 Grey Cup MVP
1996 Grey Cup MVP
1992 Grey Cup MVP
1984 Walter Camp Award
1984 Davey O'Brien Award
1984 Maxwell Award
1984 Heisman Trophy
Honors Boston College Eagles Honor Roll

2005 New Jersey Generals
Chicago Bears
New England Patriots
British Columbia Lions
Calgary Stampeders
Toronto Argonauts
Buffalo Bills
San Diego Chargers
New England Patriots
College Hall of Fame

Douglas Richard "Doug" Flutie (born October 23, 1962) is an American former professional gridiron football player in the National Football League (American football) and Canadian Football League (Canadian football). Within the United States, he is perhaps best known for his career at Boston College and for the Boston College v. Miami game on November 23, 1984, in which his "Hail Mary" pass won the game for BC 47-45. It is considered among the greatest moments in college football and American sports history[1]. He received the Heisman Trophy later that year. In Canada, he is well known for his three Grey Cup victories (1992, '96, '97) in the CFL. His success as a quarterback is noteworthy due to his unusually short stature for a player at that position (5 ft 10 in, 180 pounds).

Before he announced his retirement on May 15, 2006, he was a backup quarterback for New England Patriots of the NFL. Flutie is currently a college football analyst for ABC Sports and ESPN.

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If you play college football, odds are that you will be going against receivers that are almost always over 6ft tall. They will probably be able to outjump you. But with that being said, playing safety is mostly about playing intelligently and being fast enough to close in on people. If you have very good speed and know how to react to different situations on the field, you may be able to compensate for your lack in height.

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? im about 6'3 and i play Tight End and Outside linebacker if you cant see with them and read were they are at you screwed youve got good height may b for a corner

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If there is talent it will be seen, which a coach of mine use to tell me. If you were smart you'd go to a university you have a chance at. Also you should of tried to go to a community college with a football team so you could try to get a scholarship at a D-I school, which would of made things easier and helped you develop your skills. I think if you put the time and effort into getting better theres no reason you can't play. If you seriously wanted to try you should go to one of those Sports and Fitness type clubs where trainers help you to get quicker and sharper and some even help you at say football and basketball. Best of luck to you on trying out.

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Yes. I would say you are too focused on your height. Don't let that keep you from playing the position you want. You just have to work hard at it. I guarantee that you will have a good shot at being a starting Strong Safety if you work at it...all you gotta do to substitute for the height is to hit hard. It wont matter how much taller a reciever is than you because if you do your job right they will be thinking twice about stretching out to catch a pass up the middle all the same. Good luck with your goal and dont let anyone tell you that you can't do something. I had a former team mate who was 5'6 who played wide reciever. At first when he let it be known what position he wanted almost everyone laughed but about a season and a half later he was an amazing slot reciever and even did good filling in for half a season when I was our senior year he was 2nd on our team in receptions and first in yards. So if he can do it I think anyone can with enough hard work.

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Don't worry so much about what you are but what you can do is more important so go out there and prove that height doesn't matter..besides its not your height you need to worry about its your eyes and speed and tackling ability you need to focus on.

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Dont worry about your height. If your talented at that position and if you have a high vertical then you will be fine.

What position?

You probably will get people getting on you about your height and say your probably not going to perform that well at certain playing levels but if you are good enough player; at either the position you are going for or any other position; then height won't matter. There have been players that have been told that they wouldn't be good because of their height and proved those people wrong by their tremendous play.

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