40 to 1 for 49ers superbowl win in 2008?

Question:I'm a fan, so my bias may be clouding my judgment here. But if I'm offered those kinds of odds, why not throw in 10 or 20 bucks? They were really showing a ton of improvement last season. Now I'll admit that they are still a long-shot, but 40 to 1 ? I think them's good odds for a wager.

Any thoughts?


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jackass above me has no idea what football is even about, the niners got Joe Thomas???/ WHAT DRAFT WERE YOU WATCHING IDIOT HE WENT 3rd. Anyways to your ?? For those odds you cant lose 40 to 1 is slim to none but what is $20 maybe even $30. The Niners ended the season on a very strong note at the end of the yr last yr and it looked like the only thing they were missing was a big play making reciever. They still dont have one but w/ V Davis healthy and Darrel Jackson their new #1 the passing game could really click this yr, not to mention that stud of a rb they got to draw the D in on play actions.

As for the D WOW!! They were a lil shaky at CB last yr and you guys fixed that up by taking Nate Clements from my Bills, your welcome btw. An you've def drafted the best LB in the draft and I think personally the best Defensive player in the entire draft. Which you also took right in front of Buffalo once again thanks lol. That w/ a young DL who was alos improving at the end of the yr and I think you have a legit shot of winning the NFC West. Dont let anyone fool you either the NFC is up for grabs this yr. Last yr the Bears weren't even that great of a team, if they were in the AFC they would have been 11-5 at best w/ that horrible O, doesnt help they lost 2 key players and gonna be 3 as soon as they trade Lance Briggs.

So I say why not the NFC IS SO WEAK this yr that I believe the Niners got as good of a shot as anyone, IF the players they have play to their potential and expectations.

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You can bet 5 or 10 dollars, but you're probably throwing away your money. The 9ers are trying to build their team completely through free agency ala Dan Snyder's Redskins. I wouldn't imagine you would put a superbowl bet on the Redskins...

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No thoughts, but I'm rolling on the floor laughing my @$$ off! 40-1 for 49ers? I'd put my money on the Broncos next year. But what the heck, it's only $10 or $20, LOL!

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Hey it Might Happen 49ers have The Best Team in The NFC West If they get Lucky in The Playoffs Ur Up on Money

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"The 9ers are trying to build their team completely through free agency ala Dan Snyder's Redskins."

Er No they aren't. They got the best Tightend in last years draft, Vernon Davis. This year they got the best LB in Patrick Willis, their future LT Joe Thomas.

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I'm a big niners fan but i gotta see how all of the guys they picked can all come together if they can then they could shock the world and if not this year then definately next year.

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40-1 odds doesnt even make sense for the 49ers. 32-1 odds if all teams were equal. but there are teams like new england and san diego which have to be heavy favorites. way better than 40-1. just doesnt add up to me

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The odds could be 1000 to 1 but it doesn't mean * unless they win...

I don't share your enthusiasm but I wish you good luck...

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That is rediculous to give the 49ers 40-1 do you even watch football? The highest it should be is 20-1 and this is even pushing it. They had a good draft and they got a few key players in this offseason. Their division is garbage which included the awful rams, seahawks, and Arizona. San Fran almost made the playoffs last year at a 7-9 record. Please know what you are talking about for future refrence.

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If I could get a simple $10 wager that wouldn't sound bad.

For Packers, don't you think, if Peterson and Lynch is gone, they should take a WR or TE, and take RB in 2nd?

40 to 1 sounds good but to win the Superbowl? not sure if it was to make it to the Superbowl then i would take it

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send me $20 and I'll give you 50-1 odds.

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I hope they finish 8 and 8 cuz my Patriots have their first round pick.

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I'm not even going to read everyone elses input because they're most likely just fans hating other teams as usual... but as to your topic, I say go for it!
Here in Las Vegas, those odds may change slowly, but surely... also, you may want to put a large chunk of change on their over/under totals (it was at 7 games just two ago)... it may have went up to 8, but I don't see it going past 8 or 9 before cuts and before preseason is over... MAKE YOUR BETS NOW!
Nolan is not taking any bull***t this year and neither will that defense!

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