Anybody else getting tired of hearing about Randy Moss and the Pats?

Every other question on here is about how great the pats are gunna be next year and with randy moss there going to be unstoppable. All these band wagon jumper New England fans are starting to get annoying and are coming from everywhere like cockroaches. I cant wait to see how bad Moss screws the pats next year and how bad they do as a team. Think about it Pat fans they signed a cry baby reciever who destroys teams two recievers who are never going to be starters Wes Welker and Kelly Washington, a reciever who gets hurt all the time Donte Stallworth and a linebacker who is old and past his prime. With all these pathetic moves you New England fans actually think you have a chance. Please wake up and smell the coffee there are so many other legitamite teams in the AFC that can beat the Patriots its not even funny. like I said earlier I CAN'T WAIT to see the patriots struggle to win this year. Forget the superbowl you guys should be more worried about winning your own division.


Who is the best RB of all time in the NFL?

nice waste of 5 pts.

How much did Gilbert Brown (D-Tackle, Packers) weigh?

they wont be great, they will get about as far as they got last year

How much is a autograghed superbowl XXXII program by john elway worth?

yea me need more than just Randy Moss to be unstoppable

Where can i find a Brady Quinn Cleavland Browns Jersey?

yes it is starting to get boring now. ( still think he should have been a packer though fuking Ted Thompson)

Does anyone know how Quinn and Marcus is doing in minicamps?

Seriously wake up fans you should never predict a season and super bowl winners before the season! think of injurys people!
It's true the pats are human too they do break bones like every other player in the NFL

Moss... continued in details?

i am. did they even need Randy Moss though when they had Wes Walker, Chad Jackson anbd DOnte Stallworth. To me it is stupid that the patriots got him

Why do people listen to scouts sooo much?

i am he gave up on my raiders

What does Ryan Leaf do now?

randy moss is goin to give them just about what he gave the raiders and the vikes a lot of hype

Best college football team ever?

He won't screw them, its 1 and hes done, (one more mistake and hes gone).

So the pats also have other players from free agency also.

What ever happened to Ryan Leaf of the San Diego Chargers?

No Pats r awsome, Randy Moss is going to lead them somewhere they have never been b4..oh wait, the Pats have already won the Superbowl 3 TIMES!!! lol

Go Pats

If a punter punts and the ball fly's threw his team's uprights do they get the 3 points?

Oooh...sounds like someone's jealous...

Does the baltimore ravens have a linebacker to succeed ray lewis or to be as good as him?

Was this a question, or a rant? The Pats are solid, and will do just fine, thanks. There are probably 2-3 teams in the AFC that could even contend with the Patriots. As for the AFC East, I hope you paid attention to the moves done by the Jets, Dolphins, etc... Complete crap.

Can anyone tell me who all the Titans and Falcons drafted after all players are drafted?

you are delusional, the pats had it sewn up before the trade, Pats Rule!!

Answer this..?

The one that makes out on having Moss and Brady on the field will be...Stallworth,..1 on 1 Match ups with him,..and who ever is in at HB at the time,..on draw plays!

Where will college gameday go each saturday this fall?

stupid pats. i really hope they don't win the AFC or the Super Bowl. Randy Moss is a punk. I hope he has a bad season.

Who is the worst team to ever win a Super Bowl?

I do think the Pats are going all the way, but I'm not a fan. All these people bagging on Pats fans and Pats fans bragging for how good their team is need to stop acting like kindergarten school girls and know that you are making yourself look foolish and I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way.

What is Greatest Dynasty of All Time?

top five crybabies

5.ryan leaf-he blamed others for his bust and it was all his fault where in the world was that ball going

4-pacman jones-just accept the fact you are done for the season stop trying to appeal thers a new sheriff in town

3peyton manning-he could literally throw to a defense on pourpose and blame his recivers look at his expressions evreyfailed down

2-randy moss-the patriots now have 12 recivers no offensive line moss will be traded in a year

1 terell owens-get your coach to quit tell players they are faking injuries i bet that hamstring is fine loser

What are the titans chances next year, realisticly?

Randy Moss isn't going to be that valuable.. Especially since he's 30 and more injury-prone. They can hope all they want though, they wont be much better (if any better) than last year.

How did chris leak not get drafted?

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Who is better, Randy Moss or Terrell Owens?

YES!! Randy Moss will do nothing but turn into a cancer in N.E.'s locker room. You are right, these Pats fans are coming out of nowhere and they are really annoying. 6 or 7 years ago, you had to look really hard to find one of the idiots and now THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!! But it's ok, I have a feeling that once Tom Lady and the rest of their lil boy toy Fakeriots start losing, those Pats fans will scatter back to the dark places like the lil cockroaches that they are!

What made Robert Meachem fall so low in the NFL Draft?

C'mon Scott, just because your sorry a-s-s Jets team is a second rate team shouldn't make you want to tear up the GREAT PATRIOTS. Go sit in your mommies lap and let her rock you to sleep now.

What do u think made shawn merriman a grate OLB?

It is a big story, man. A perennial powerhouse team with superior coaching just got a Pro Bowl receiver to add to its already solid Wide Receiver Corps. Get used to it.

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