Where can I get old football helments refurbished?


What would happened in these scenarios?

You don't.

Any company will tell you that a helmet has a three year life span...you're pushing it with 5...hurting players at 6.

If your helmets are simply dinged up...spray paint them with "Colors in Plastic"...it's a verithane spray paint. Applies very well and lasts a season.

If the inards are tore up, you can order new stuff from any company that sells helmets.

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I not sure what you mean, if your talking about getting an older helmet made to the newer standards your local sporting goods shop should be able to do it, if possible, (many old helmets cant be refitted for today standards) or at least tell you who could.

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not sure what you mean as in paint to look new or for use. you cant reuse halmets that areally old

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