Bucs superbowl champs in 07!!!!!?

Question:plummer/garcia, caddy williams, alstott, galloway,calvin johnson(oh yes we will get um),new o lineman in pegitout
kevin carter, simeon rice, brooks,barber,kelly,buchanon, cato june its goin down!!


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Unlikely as most of whom you mention are elderly by football standards and they have an extremely tough conference to play in.

Who is the best all time college football team?

The 07 champs have already been crown it was the Colts!!

On Paper, who has the most talented NFL Roster?

No chance....

It will be the Patriots or Colts.

How can I play college football next year.. if I never played on a team before. (See details)?

See the problem is that you had most of those guys were there last season except for the quarterback. If the bucs can get the same defense that got them there a while ago then they will have a chance. Defense wins games. period.
when they went to the superbowl they had no offense whatsoever but they had Sapp. Barber , Rice, and a bunch of other people

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no plummer. but the bucs are my fav team. they have a talented coaching staff and lots of talent on the field, so we'll see... david carr would be a great addition as a STARTER, but garcia could really lead this team to the playoffs. gruden is a GOD. thank you and goodnight.

Fullback videos??

i think it will be the colts. :)

Seating chart in Surpise, Az. Section 107 Row D, is that the first row?

i'm a bucs fan...you are completely insane

first of all, chris simms will be the starting quarterback, there is no guarantee that jake plummer will even report, and simeon rice is going to leave almost for sure

next...why are you so excited about alstott, kevin carter, kelly, and buchanon? they aren't exactly superstars; alstott and kelly are older and injury-prone, carter is just older, and buchanon is a career bust

this team has a chance of making the playoffs if some things go right but nothing more

What is Brian Urlacher's 40yd dash time? 20 yd shuttle?

"i dont think so tim" but keep dreaming.

Do you think Ahman Green was an asset for the Packers?

Plummer retired before the Bucs drafted him...also, since the Saints' success last season, the NFC South division is wide open. It looks like all four teams may have a legitimate shot at the playoffs, though I'd definitely watch out for Atlanta and Carolina.

Oh, and I don't know about CJ. He's got a lot of talent...if possible, the Lions or possibly the Raiders could take him already. Right now, the Bucs' fate this coming season is uncertain. We've yet to see this current team make some noise in the playoffs.

Who has been in more conference championship games?

sorry man..seahawks have already reserved that spot

Did the Lions do the right thing when they drafted Calvin Johnson?

In a word, NO!

Why are coaches and players punished for questioning bad calls from officials? Some calls have been very bad.

Hell yea man!!! Offence is gonna shine after we get Calvin!! With Galloway/Clayton and a third year tightend(A.Smith) Pittman is gonna be an impact, and never forget about C.Williams in his third year, he's gonna be so good this upcoming year! Alstott is gonna have a great farewell year, and we already know are kicker can boot the ball 60+ yards!lol....Our O-line is beefed too! Then on the D side of things.... Kelly/Barber are great Cb's, Rice will get 10 sacks, new comer Cato is gonna fit in so well in the cover 2 working next to Shelton and Brooks! And we have Garcia to throw all the td passes! Might as well just hand us the Superbowl, its in the bag!! Go Bucs!!

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The only thing that is "going down" is the Bucs in the basment of the NFC South.

1. Old defense that needs some youth (this is whats holding the team back)
2. You have no clue if johnson will be avaliable with your pick.
3. The other teams in the NFC South are too strong.

Don't get too excited about free agency moves. These new players need to 'gel' with the others and play as a team.

Anyways ATL is going to win the NFC south.

2007 2008 nfl predictions?

I'm a bucs fan and I don't even believe it will be this year. We will get back to the playoffs but plummer retired, Garcia did well in Philly but different offense here, and calvin will need a year to develop (unless Michael Clayton has another bad year and he's forced to step up). The main concern is the D. Looks better with June for the secondary but some of the older players are going to have to go as their production is down from what it used to be...only barber went to the pro bowl last year. Champs in 08!? Very possible if they don't fire Gruden.

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not a chance.

Chucky stinks...and it all starts with the coach.

That last Super Bowl was Dungy's team...total fluke that Chucky was the coach.

Allstot is retiring.

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Sure... and the Lions will go 16-0!

In your opinion which Quarterbacks in draft history are the biggest busts of all times?

They don't stand a snowball's chance in Florida, son!

Ken Whisenhunt and Woody Harrelson?


Is Donovan McNabb becoming another Steve McNair?

Not a chance, they won't even get through the NFC and the AFC is by far Superior

Dual threat quarterback?

Good...Close... But not quite
Ill give you full NFC
NFC East
4-Cowboys 10-6
Philly 8-8
Redskins 5-11
Giants 3-13
NFC West
2-49Er's 11-5
Seahawks 8-8
Cardinals 7-9
Rams 2-14
NFC South
1 Saints 13-3
5 Bucs 10-6
Carolina 6-10
Atlanta 5-11
NFC North
3 Bears 12-4
6 Packers 9-7
Vikings 7-9
First Round
5Bucs beat 4Cowboys
3Bears beat 6Packers
Second Round
2-49Er's beat 3Bears
1Saints beat 5Bucs
NFC Championship
1Saints beat 2-49Er's

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