Any tips for a tight end going into his freshmen year?

i havent played for 2 years but i can catch very well


Do you think the Falcons have a good shot this year?

Learn to block (you block with footwork and your hands). Run as much as possible because in the future they will want you to be as fast as wide receivers. But if you are scoring TD's who cares how fast you are. But work on your speed anyway 40 times write your ticket.


Who can we look for in the national title race in the fall of 2007?

pratice runing lift waghits and bulk up so u can bloke batter

Is my football jersey authentic?

Don't drop the soap.

Cant you go top a flea market and get brady quinns nfl jersey there??

Well, all I can say is that with the increased number of gays around, even in sport, having "a tight end" should stand you in top stead for avoiding 'the traffic', if you know what I mean - especially, as such fraternities often believe in freshman initiation "processes"!!
In many quarters, today, you'd probably be safer being female; so thank providence you have a tight rear end!!

What one player represents football?

Don't drop your soap.

My brother want to try out for football, what kind of workouts should he do toget ready and to make the team?

Get used to riding the bench, last years freshman tightend will be starting and you will be on the bench, if you were good enough to start you wouldnt be asking this question.

What are the odds of the Raiders having a .500 record next season?

my freshman team didn't have tightends. but yes.
if you can catch well now. try blocking and getting buff and thicken up and make sure to attend every work outs during summer

2008 NFL Draft?

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