Will the Steelers run the 4-3 or the 3-4 this year?

New HC Mike Tomlin ran the 4-3 in Minnesota last year, but Dick Lebaeu is known for his blitzing 3-4 defenses (which is why I love Steeler football). Which scheme are the Steelers going to incorporate this year, and how are the rookies (Lawrence Timmons and LaMarr Woodley) going to fit into the system?


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The Steelers will run a 3-4 this year. You can tell they will stay with the 3-4 by their draft. With their 1st pick they drafted linebacker Lawrence Timmons to replace Joey Porter. They also drafted defensive end LaMarr Woodley but according to Yahoo he will play linebacker. They drafted him to add depth at the position. So in their first two draft picks they drafted linebackers. However in the next few year the Steelers will probably switch to a 4-3 defense. But don't be surprised if they run a mix between a 3-4 and 4-3 this year.

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4-3 this year.

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come to the Steel City and watch a football game and see that we like BLITZING BLITZING AND MORE BLITZING FROM THE OUTSIDE

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i think the steelers r going to switch to a 4-3 thats y i believe Porter left. i would luv to see them stay in the 3-4 like u said thats steeler football. cant wait to the season to see for sure].

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i love the steelers man true die hard ur talkin to. no they will stay in a 3 4. they do no have another dominate defensive tackle to put in next to casey hampton. and they jus drafted the guy from florida the middle linebacker im sorry his name escapes me at the moment. but he is nasty and will be very good paired up with farrior. the linebackin set is healed now with foot farrior wats his name an haggans. also we picked up kevin barlow so we can go back to the duel runningback style the steelers have liked since the early 70's. watch the steelers man were gonna have a good year



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They'll stay with the oldschool 3-4 defense cause they run it so well

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I here they are running the 4-3.But I heard it was going to be like a 3-4 on steroids.It is going to be more hard nose then ever but we will see

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3-4, they don't have the personal to run a 4-3, but next year may be a differnt story if they can get the correct personal

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they will stay with the 3-4 this year but they are setting the team up for the switch in a year or two. They need another d lineman and better cornerbacks before they go to the 4-3. They might try it a little this year to mix up the opposing offensive. The people they got in the draft can play both 3-4 and the 4-3
The Steelers will continue to get those type of players until they can completely switch to 4-3

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