Alot of people tell me i will be a football star what do you think?

Question:to start with my size i'm about 6'1'' and 260 lbs and still growing and i'm only 15 years old.

and i've started on every sports team i've ever played on


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Nobody on here can tell you if you will be a star. Your coach can't tell you if you will be a star. You decide that. If you have the mentality, the drive, and the skill, then you will be a star. Your size does not make you a star. Your heart and your abilities make you a star. Set a goal and stick to it, if you want it, then go get it.

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good luck. sharpen up your skills, choose one sport to focus on. I'll be your agent when that time is upon you.

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nah crap if i had that size i would play line backer instead of punter

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a star on the o-line

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You might be cocky and a little delusional too...I think you should ask your coach what he thinks instead of total strangers...260 at 15, you are obviously overweight and will only have a prayer on the OL and DL...

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before calling yourself a star play against better competition. By the way, you're sound like a OL/DL or a first baseman. With that size, if you can put the bat on the ball, you'll be a star all right.

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Well you are a pretty big boy for 15. I hope a lot of it is muscle though. As long as your determined and put your hard work in, you can make it happen.

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6'1" and 260 is a bit overweight but that will get you by for now. Depending on what state you live in, the talent level you face will increase dramatically starting into high school. And then once you go to college you'll find you are surrounded by all conference / all state guys at every position. Size is a only a small part of the mix. Do you have the athletic talent? Do you have the intelligence? Do you have the drive to get better? Do you have the work ethic to push yourself? Do you have the heart? I was a 6'1", 255 lb OG in college and I was the smallest OL on the team. So do not think your size alone will be the end all.

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Maybe so bro. Stay in shape, eat healthy, run and lift, and if you grow to be to be 6'5-6'8 and be 300+ you could be a pretty decent O-Line or D-Line. You need to get some speed, you never gave any stats, so I really don't know how fast you are or slow you are. I can be 6'8 and 380 pounds, but it means nothing, if I run a 6.5, 40, or lift only 300 on squat you see what I mean?

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your bench needs improvement. you don't even bench bodyweight. 5.9 is slow for any position on the football team. your squat is pretty good. if you improve your speed and get your bench up you will be a good player PROVIDED that you have the football mentality. just because you have good numbers don't mean you will do good on the field.

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i think the odds are against you.....

the NFL represents less than 1% of the population, they are the elite...

plus unpredictable things like injuries happen could blow out your knee next year and never recover

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