49ers 2007 Draft??

After free agency, the Niners have addressed some needs on defense. Who should they draft in the frist round with the 11th pick overall? Does more defense make sense or does help on offense make more sense? And who else should they look at in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Afterall the niners did draft some of their best receivers in the later rounds. ie Terrell " big mouth/ ego" owens.


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The Niners should draft Sidney Rice in the second round. Amazing receiver in college. Good speed 4.5 40. Amazing hands, coordination and athleticism. 6'2", 200 pounds. Oh, and first round: I look for a trade down, and draft Levi Brown, the left tackle out of Penn State.

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They need to take a CB or DE


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With the plethora of WR talent in the draft, 11th is too high to draft anyone not named Calvin Johnson. The run on the recievers should start around pick 15. They need to go with Adam Carriker. He's a strong aggressive defender who fits their 3-4 scheme. WR can be addressed in the 2nd and 3rd round. They made some great offseason signings, but were they on crack when they signed Ashley Lelie? Do the think he's anything more than a slightly above average #3 receiver?

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More defense does make sense. After all, this year's defensive class is stacked.

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1st round DT Amobi Okoye
2nd round WR Anthony Gonzalez

Who do you think will be the first 5 draft picks??

First round: Most likely Alan branch (Their D line is too weak)
Second round: a wide receiver (Either Steve Smith or Sidney Rice)
Third round: Safety (This role is getting bigger and more important everyday) and with the other pick, an offensive lineman
Fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh: fill up the holes they have in their roster

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