Alright Wolverines, is it time for Lloyd Carr to go?

I've been saying yes for 2 years but the UofM faithful seem to disagree saying he runs a clean program, he puts up decent numbers, and so on. I would think by now the only people that would want him to stay would be Buckeyes. What do you think and why?


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I am a Buckeye fan, but I will try to be as non-bais as I can. John Cooper was fired for the same reason, not being able to beat Michigan. In my opinion, OSU/Michigan coaches are judged by how they do against one another. Even if Michigan goes say 9-2, but loses at home to Tressel's Buckeyes, it probably is time for him to go. Not that he will but it might be time.

2007 Heisman Trophy?

GO Lloyd Cooper

NWT Reebok?

after the humuliating loss to USC in the rose bowl, i'd have to say."you're fired"

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No definitly not he needs to stay for a long long time and coach MU untill hes Joe Pa's age... GO BUCKS!!

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you could let Carr go(who like you said runs a clean ship, puts up decent numbers and plays for Big-Ten titles and BCS bids) or you could bring in someone else and start from scratch with a new system?Who else is there right now. I think it is slim pickings and Carr is proven.

If they let him go are you fans prepared for a couple of 4th and 5th place finishes in the Big Ten to rebuild your program and implement the new coach's strategy and recruits??

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I wouldn't say its time for him to go...Why?...Based on the Ohio State game?...Thats crazy

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No.. stay... get beat by us a few more years... GO BUCKS!


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Who cares? They will never be able to beat the mighty Trojans.

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