40 yard dash ??

i turned 16 four days ago and i ran the 40 yard dash in 3.7 seconds at practice -on grass without shoes- is this a fast time?


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You need to get in touch with Charlie Wright t athletes Performance and be officially tested. You might be fast, but not that fast. He will direct you how to drive that energy into your best sport.

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if you ran a 3.7, you'd be the fastest guy in the world

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No you did not. I am telling you, you didn't. If you did, you would be the most heavily recruited college track star/ football player in the country no matter your playing experience. NO ONE runs a 3.7 40 yard dash except for steroid injecting Olympic athletes from Kenya. If you really think you did, than: you either did not run a full 40 yards (it may have been more like 30), it may have been the 40 FOOT dash, or whoever timed you was a liar/ really bad at pressing a start/stop button.

People have got to learn that when they make stuff up and post it on here, they can't push it to far and make up something ridiculous as people will know that they are obviously BSing.

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Highly doubt that actually happened. First of all.you would not have gotten off of the field without hearing how good a time that was and then would not have to ask the yahoo community. 3.7 sec would also mean your average speed was 22.11 mph, pretty darn quick.

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Yes, it is a fast time. I doubt even the world record holder can run that fast. And don't get your hopes up, you are not going to be a record holder. Your time wasn't correct. Have an actual coach do it.

Heres another question?

that's not possible or you'd officially be the fastest man alive.

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lol matt said steroid injecting olympian from kenya

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I do not think you ran it in 3.7. Prime Time only did it around 4.2. You are not Prime Time

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yeah right
that is a fast time but impossible
deangelo hall and michael bennett couldnt beat that
ur just a lair

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you only did that if your pants are on fire

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Man you couldn't have. Impossible.

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lol, okkkkkkkkkkk, surrrrre, that's literally impossible. You would be a freak of nature and the fastest man on earth. I very highly doubt that.

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Ask the expert Coach Louis, it is a free service for football instruction.


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stfu dumass. thats impossible the fastest time ever was deion sanders running a 4.19. so u r stupid and are prbly sum slow *

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