Any fans of football and soccer here?

I love both sports and was curious if thats normal!! Thats all!


Rate the Broncos offseason moves, predict their first round pick and how they'll do this season.?

I think both are GREAT and loved where they are played and watched(football in the US and soccer outside the US)
Fav team: St. Louis Rams
Nemesis Patriots
Real Madrid

Question for Black football players, why when you wear helmet it makes your forehead darker?

I am a huge fan of both... but in general americans like football and the rest of the world likes soccer and americans dont like soccer because they think its too slow paced and low scoring (look how hockey is declining). Soccer isnt big in the US period.

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Does a cup go on ur boys down there or does it go over your underwear? How does it stay?

the real football- is football- aka soccer- american football is stupid- not football at all-

Who will be a better qb in the nfl russell or quinn?

dudde its all right , i'm the biggest soccer and football fan ever!!!!!

Is the NFL "padding" the London game?

YEAH!!! I like soccer basically since I'm from Korea and I'm pretty good myself, I like footballl since well how can you not like footbal?? Overall I like football better
Soccer: Manchester United, Reading FC
NFL: Indianapolis Colts, Washington Redskins

Soccer: Chelsea
NFL: New England Patriots

Are there any white running backs in the NFL?

I love both sports too. Football is my favorite sport but I still love soccer too. I've actually been to the soccer stadium in Madrid and played some soccer. IT WAS SO FRICKING AWESOME!! And ya it's completely normal to love both soccer and football. Most of my friends love both too.

What type of qualifications do I need to become a football scout?

LOVE playing and watching football

IM a hudge fan of playing soccer but i can't get into watching it unless im there in the staduim, but on TV, i get bored of it

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