1st Round Teams winners and losers?

Figured I'd post this up now, even though the first round isn't over yet, just wanna see who people think made absolutely retarded picks and who has cashed in big time.


Since the Seahawks cut Grant Wistrom would it be a good move for the Rams to pick him up?

Biggest winner so far is Cleveland with Joe Thomas and Brady Quinn.

I really think Miami screwed up not taking Quinn, but only time will tell.

What channell can i watch the NFL DRAFT on? What time will it come on?

So far, Browns are the big winners and Dolphins just guarenteed another losing season.

Who do you think the RAVENS will draft?

Winners, so far, Browns.
Losers, so far, COWBOYS !

South carolina football?

Even Though Cleveland in going to lose that 1st round pick in 2008, Cleveland I think is the BIG WINNER by getting Brady Quinn and also getting Joe Thomas offensive tackle to protect Quinn. And with the pressure off of Quinn (because he is not a top 3 pick) I think he will have a great career in Cleveland. And with this pick, Cleveland I think will turn around and maybe be like 8-8, 9-7. GREAT JOB CLEVELAND

BIGGEST LOSER - Miami Dolphins, they just might have well just have more losing seasons! By not taking Quinn, the Fins will be picking high in the next 3-5 years.

What NFL running back has the most fumbles in a career?

Detroit is a big loser, too. Sure, they got a good player, but ANOTHER friggin WR? Dumb.

Didn't like Miami's pick of Ginn. I don't care that they didn't get Quinn, I think they should have traded down a bit, and got Ginn later.

Denver moving up four spaces to get Moss, who likely would have been there still, at 21. That was also questionable. They gave up their 21, plus a third and a sixth rounder. They have no picks in rds four and five.

Anyone else here a Buffalo Bills fan?

Broncos traded up and got exactly what they needed, a defensive end that is FAST and can get to the QB quick. He's light, but that's in the Broncos mold. Reminds me of Dwight Freeney.

New England Patriots?

Got to be the worst pick ever by the Packers.Who the heck is Justin Harrel and why did we pick him above Greg Olson or even Brady Quinn.With so many needs and trying to get Brett back for a shot at the big one what are we doing picking a guy who didnt even play half of last year. Fire Ted Thompson!!

For all New York Jets fans: Are you all feeling the love from our boys and Mangini? And what about Revis?

Dolphins are the big time loser unless they can get Trent Green from the chiefs

Who Is A Better Kick&Punt Reutrner... Dante Hall Or Devin Hester?

Browns BIG winners, also the vikings had a nice pickup with adrian peterson.

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