Anyone have news on Ricky Williams?

So whats the deal with Ricky Williams, will he be suiting up for the dolphins again this year?


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Currently he has passed all his drug test 'for once'. He is set to reapply to the NFL in April, around the 21st? If his petition is accepted then he would technically be a member of the Dolphins again. Huizenga has stated to the media (Jan 31st) that if Ricky is allowed back in the NFL it will be up to his coaching staff how or if he will be part of the franchise. There has been no comment from Cameron or Mueller to date.

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Yeah he's a pothead that ruined his career to puff the chiba. Newsflash!

Keyshawn Johnson gose to Falcons or.?

Does anybody really care?

Suiting up? He is probably too busy toking up!

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Yeah he's dumb. Hmmmmm, millions of dollars for a few years of not smoking pot, then buying all the pot I want..OR! I could just run to some third world country and get high right now! Sweet!

What a freaking retard

Jerry Porters status?

He;s currently trying to get reinstated but the NFL commissioner has to approve it. He's getting drug tested 2-3 times a week and so far has passed everyone (even though he has a prescribed medical marijuana it will fail his drug test and hes done). Hes says that yoga has got him off pot.

"Smoking marijuana got me in a lot of trouble," he says.

Lol yeah just a little.

If Williams continues to test clean, and the commissioner green-lights him back into the NFL, the yoga mentality will come in handy in coping with negativity, because Williams has way too much baggage to be given a clean slate by fans and media.

Tony Hunt and Eagle?

Still slated for a return to the Dolphins; assuming his application is accepted by the NFL.

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I don't know about the dolphins, but i did hear something about him going to return to the NFL.

If he smartens up, more power to him. He's a deadly running back when at 100%...

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I just saw him leaving a shop in Miami. He had a 6 foot bong, 3 Pink Floyd CDs, a Bob Marley poster, a copy of The Matrix on DVD and about 75 sticks of incense... I have no idea what he was up to.

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