A question about the saints.?

The Saints had an amazing season last year, and with loads of NFL talent coming in this draft, where do most people see them ending up? I see Deuce rushing for 1200 yards n 12 td's. He did this his first year as a starter. I see Drew throwing for 3800 yards at least, and reggie having at least 1500 yards of total offense. who agrees?


Do you think Rex Grossman will do better this coming season?

Hard to disagree, since they all had more than that last year.

Most Overrated team in NFL?

The Saints should be fine on offense -- IF the seasons Brees and company had were not flukes. The real question is their defense. Their secondary was barely mediocre last year, and the rest of the defense was not a whole lot better.

Why does the south rule the country in college athletics?

They came within a game of the Super Bowl with, essentially, a new team. With a year together under their belts, and the NFC being almost totally up for grabs, I'd say their chances are good. If we were doing "OddsMakers" on ESPN's "Pardon the Interruption," I'd give them a 30 percent chance of reaching the Super Bowl. On the other hand, if we were doing PTI's "Toss Up" segment, and it was the Saints or "The Field," as in all the other NFC teams, I'd take the field. The NFL is more wide-open than ever, with more teams have a legitimate shot than ever. Wherever he is, "Parity Pete" Rozelle has got to be smiling.

How good do you think the philadelphia eagles offense will be in the 2007-2008 season?

They should be able to win that division and make a repeat appearance in the playoffs. The Falcons are in turmoil, the Bucs are going nowherem, and the Panthers will be the only team that will contend for the division crown.

They could go further because I see them as the class of the NFC at this point.

What do you think of this? I think they're right. You?

Saints should have another good season. There offense has little room for improvement. They need to improve their back 7 on defense. I don't think they can get back again with such a bad defense.

Who will the San Diego Chargers pick in the 2007 draft?

The Saints had an amazing turnaround last year. They have so many young weapons now (and a great young coach that has a gameplan) offensively. So much talent they even released Joe Horn. It kind of reminds me of the quick turnaround that the 49'ers had in Montana's first year. Minus the Super Bowl victory of course.
If the Saints can build their defense up through the draft and free agency, they can be a legitimate threat for much of the next decade in the NFC.
If they can scout and draft Colston as late as they did, let's hope they can have the same success for defensive players.

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