Any Predictions on Alabama Football under Nick Saban?


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Slick Nick will be in 'Bama for three years four years tops before he "misses the professional game" and will have the overwhelming desire to "shape the lives of grown men". Alabama really showed their desperation in getting this promiscuous head coach. He never stays anywhere a long time. He did it at Michigan State, did it at LSU, did it at Miami, what makes Alabama any different? Oh yeah, they're giving him $32 million no matter how long he stays. If he stays four years, they MIGHT get a BCS bowl bid, but don't expect him to come in and work miracles. He won the national title with LSU in '03, but he had much more talented players when he took over the Bayou Bengals than he has with the Tide. I think he goes 8-4, 9-3, 11-2, then goes right out the door to the NFL.

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Saban probably will do about as much with Alabama as with Miami... So probably nothing special. He'll be back to the pros in 2 years as a coordinator, if any front offices will trust him.

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give him 2 seasons and they will win the SEC

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As bad as I hate to say it, being I am a diehard LSU fan, Nick Saban will make winners out of the Tide. There is a lot of talent already there but Nick will have those guys believing in themselves enough to get it done. Don't look for a miracle the first year but I wouldn't jump off the bandwagon yet and start pulling for Auburn just yet if I were you.

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This season I would say probably 9 wins. Nick Saban knows how the teams in the SEC West play (he won a national title in 2003 with LSU), so I think he will be able to coach a decent Alabama team to 8 or 9 wins in his first season there.

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Only because of his low class method of leaving Miami. I hope his team flops and he does eventually get fired. He showed no respect to the team or the city of Miami.

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2nd in SEC west behind LSU.sanctions/probation within 3 years.

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Straight to the basement of the SEC, right behind Florida.
SATAN Saban is a cheater, and will get caught, sooner or later.

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they only 'guaranteed' wins on their schedule are Western Carolina, Houston La. - Monroe and Miss. State.

They play at Vandy and at FSU - two teams I would expect them to beat, but wouldn't bet on it right now.

ARK, GA, TENN, LSU are all in Tuscaloosa so they'll win one or two probably but wouldn't win any of them on the road.

Auburn in Auburn - loss.

I'm going to give them 7 wins and if they get 9, they'll claim a national championship, and give Saban a statue and a contract extension - if he's signed his contract by then.

AND... Saban is a cheater - he's already had two 'minor' recruiting violations since joining Bama. Once for taking an NFL player on a recruiting trip to Louisiana and now for extended contact with high school players in the Miami area during a 'dead period'.

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Saban will win at Alabama and may turn this team into a national championship contender in a few years. This year I think they win at least 8 and maybe 9.

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