A big raider mistake?

The Oakland raiders pick a QB on this yr draft? but only to lose the only best receiver they got on the team. How good can Russell be when he got nobody to throw to?.. Dont blame moss had a bad yr in oakland look back to 2005 Oakland got a problem they could not run the ball and pass the ball. Instead of looking for lineman they went to get Lamont jordan how good can he be if he got no one blocking him?. Last yr they sign Moss how good can he be if the QB is on his back? .. It will be the 3rd draft and a 3 postseason that the raiders did not upgrade their offensive line. Does it make sense on what the Oakland Raiders been doing for the past 3 yrs.??


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Al Davis likes to smoke crack it seems.

Did you all hear?

This is what happens when the owner and GM are the same person. Al needs to hire a GM to run the Raiders. He has proven time and time again he can not.

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as a new England fan I am happy about the deal, but I watch the raiders closely for the past 5 years and have watched the team make bad decision after bad decision. Young QBs are good but when you have no one to throw the ball to whats the point.

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I guess management threw in the towel and you guys are rebuilding, so you took the QB with the most potential in the draft . As far as Moss is concerned, they probably felt he was a cancer and since he is getting older; out of respect for him they traded him so he can pursue a championship at the same time dumping salary. Then you got Mike Williams and McNown for practically noting. Look, anything is better then last year and if Russell pans out then you guys will be looking good for 10 years. The other guy is still a good receiver, Porter and Curry might be healthy, and Williams, so there is plenty of talent right there.

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seriously, i mean a quarterback is suppost to hand the ball of to the runningback and throw it to the resivers. if he doesn't hav one of them then your offense is going to be poor. if you have both your offense is good. the raiders have one, an ok running back. when they traded moss they lost alot of their offense.

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Jamarcus Russell should be fine in Oakland.. I think it was smart to draft a QB. If they have to they can sit Russell for the first year let him learn and get the feel of the game and then draft a WR in next year's draft. Also they need to draft Offensive Linemen next year as well.

I mean you hafta start someplace when you rebuild a team,look at what my 49ers did..they started by drafting Alex Smith and built around him. A team needs to build around teh QB...Niners are doing it,Saints did it. Colts did it just to name a few

Pats were on drive away from super bowl last year with Caldwell and Gaffney. Imagine how far they can get now!

Moss dogged it every play. You got a steal, I think. Then you get McCown and Mike Williams for practically nothing. I think the latter can still resurrect his career and be a good player. The offensive line is still suspect...but, you guys are riddled with holes. It takes more than one year to rebuild...

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Moss was not happy in Oakland and in the game that I saw with the Raiders Moss dropped several catchable balls (a few on third down) to help his team loose. The Raiders make several mistakes and the lack of playmakers and offencive line will make it very tough for Russell (which is why I think Josh McCowen will start again for the Raiders). Dont blame it on Moss? No Moss is not the sole reason for Oaklands bad teams, but Moss dropped alot of balls last year and wanted out. The Raiders did a good thing by trading him and getting him off the team. Moss would of only been a bigger problem this year if they kept him.

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Drafting the next John Elway wasn't a mistake! Getting rid of a crybaby WR also wasn't a mistake. He was keeping younger and faster WRs off the field. The Raiders picked up 2 o-linemen in the off season and drafted a third. The raiders will be better this year. Maybe even good. Watch and see.

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