Am I too small for a lineman?

I'm 15, 220lbs, 5'8 and I am being looked at to be moved up to play varsity center. I bench 205 lbs and squat 300lbs and my 40 time is 5.4 sec. My question is if I'm to short to play line and if i should work on my speed and move to linebacker because i hit hard and I know how to read the qb and pass rush


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you may not be too short for high school but you are way too short for division 1 football or the nfl. if you want to play in college or beyond move to fullback. these days fullbacks mostly block so its like a mini lineman in the backfield. also work on getting stronger because your weight numbers aren't bad for being 15 but will definitely need to get a lot higher if you want to play in college.

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Play CornerBack

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a 5'8'' lineman?LOLLLL...the shortest lineman in the nfl is like 6'2'' or 6'3''

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I to was a short yet stout M.Fer and my coach tried me in different spots on both offense and defense to find my best fit and finally I settled into two positions I played middle linebacker on the D and left end on O so look for what your own personal strengths are and build it from there I really enjoyed playing on both sides of the ball. but if you feel like staying on the D then linebackers and corner backs are the right choice to go with. They seem to get more action on the ball and I netted 23 sacks in the two seasons that I played till I unfortunately fractured my spine.

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It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in a dog. I'll tell you some of my best lineman where shorter, stockyer guys. To tell you the truth most of the 6'3" 275 pounders a just big teddy bears. Play with your heart, as cheesy as it may sound. Don't ever let size, height, hold you back.

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you wont get a serious look from a D-1a school at 5'8 but a 6 and a center maybe. but to be any good you have to be big and mean

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Right now, you're a little undersized. But, you have a while to keep growing. You should always work on your speed and agility.

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hopefully you'll grow a couple of inches,but forget the NFL... just look forward to college... someone will need a player like you that is so dedicated to the game... knows what it means to be on a football field.. u know??
work on your speed, and let me give u a tip. flexibility corresponds with speed... make sure u are streching properly,cuz if your flexible and fast, you will do good

trust the chopstik24


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get that bench up because im 5'9" 155 and i can bench 210.move to DT or DE you probley would be good there

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