Alright, Ricky Williams smoked weed, again. And he tested postive, again. Why is he wasting his gas(see below) driving to and from the testing place when he KNOWS he will test positive? Why is he even bothering with it? I coud see if he thought he was smart enough to think he could beat the test, IF HE DIDNT ALREADY FAIL IT 3 TIMES PRIOR!!

So why do you think he is even trying to get back in the NFL?


Whose is the best college running back ever?

He's a stoner, not a Rhodes Scholar...

Best NFL team?

Probably not

Why do the niners suck?

If the truth were known, probably 90% or more of pro football players smoke a little weed every now and then.

Is Reggie Bush overrated?

PR purposes, or addiction period.

How can the NFL give pacman jones a curfew?

The NFL suspended Williams in April 2006 after he violated the league's drug policy for the fourth time. That failed test apparently involved a substance other than marijuana and may have been related to his interest in holistic medicine.

Williams' previous positive drug tests were for marijuana, which he acknowledged using

Whos you favorite NFL team? How about college foot ball team?

because he is broke and dumb. I don't understand when you have the opportunity to make the amount of money he could why would you blow it on smoking weed. wait about 9-10 years usual life span of a running back then smoke all you want

This one is for the football fans!?

He's probably trying to find a good Detox Porduct that will clear him. If he finds one that works then he can play and smoke pot. All in all he' another moron, I'm waiting for Maurice Clarett to get out of jail so the Bengals can sign him. Maybe Marcus Vick too.

What team is going to win the super bowl?

Obviously he misses the money and fame. The real question is why he isn't willing to give up the dope if he wants to play so badly.

What posistion should I play?

Ricky Williams never wanted to be a professional football player. It was just the quickest way for him to make the most amount of money. He probably had a lot of pressure on him from family. For a person with Social Anxiety Disorder, a high profile team oriented sport is a bad idea.

I don't think he is trying to get back to the NFL. I think he is subconsciously trying to be banned for good so that he does not have to deal with the pressure.

Who is the better WR Isaac Bruuuce or T.O.?

He is trying to get back, because if he doesn't he owes the Dolphins millions of dollars for reniging on his contract.
That's the only reason he came back in the first place, because the Dolphins came after him for about 10 million dollars when he quit in re-embersment for the contract he signed.
He doesn't really want to play, but he doesn't have the money to pay them back.

What did you think about the Archuleta trade from the Redskins to Bears for a 6th rounder?

He needs to test positive to not have the Dolphins sue him for the signing bonus back.

What channel is the NFL draft this year? (2007)?

Cause he doesnt want to pay the dolphins Millions of dollars back. I dont think he really wants to play, he just doesnt want to have to give back the money. Also maybe he thought the weed had flushed out of the system.

Will Ronnie Brown be a top running back? Or at least better than Caddilac Williams?

I believe he truely wants to play the game, but his addiction is so strong that he cant help it. Some people would rather smoke weed than pay rent or feed their children. It is a very strong addiction.

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