2007 Oakland Raiders?

Question:Now that the Raiders drafted Russ..what do you think their record will be?...Let me state a few facts first...The Raiders had the 3rd best defense in the league last year,despite having a horrific offense that turned the ball over every down...they were on the field 70% of the game...the raiders have studs at WR...Curry,Porter and even Moss..we just signed Justin Griffith who is a superior FB and will help improve our Running game as will a few of the OL players we signed...we have an entire new,young coaching staff and an eager team overall..we hit the bottom last year..we can only go up...it CANNOT get any worse...so with that in mind..[a top defense,talent at WR,depth at RB,new innovative coaching staff and Russ under center] how will they do?

I think they'll win 7 games and will be in playoff contention in 2-3 years.


Green Bay fans only: Is it me or does Ted Thompson not know what the hell hes doing?

i like the way u think man. We have a whole new offensive scheme with Greg Knapp and Lane Kiffin now callin the shots AND we NOW have a new QB in JaMarcus Russell, who owns the most powerfull arm in the NFL. Theres no doubt in my mind were headin in the right direction, i see the Raiders winnin at least 5 games next year and improving year after year and in three years or so once JaMarcus has matured at the QB spot look for the Raiders to be a respectable playoff contender!!

p.s. i hope Moss changes his ways, hopefuly once moss see's how powerful Russell's arm REALLY is in person, maybe he ll actualy straightn up and play football again!

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They will be 2-14. They will get the top draft pick next year too.

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Jamarcus is going to get sacked a hell lot of times

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I agree with you totally! I am a Raider's fan but they could've signed at least some good O-line and possibly draft one, but you're right the Raiders will win games in their division and win at least 5+ games(most rookies can win, like Vince Young, but you can't rely on them at least until a year) and finally have "Commitment to Excellence"

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I think they'll get an 8-8 record.

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like Boomer said.

Russel will be a top 5 QB in 5 years.

i see them getting other good picks too.

maybe 7 wins this year. if next year's draft is good too. 9 next year

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They will improve from 2-14 to about 7-9.

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