Am I a good QB?

OK im 11 i can throw the ball 40-50 yds, i can run, and well i don't throw picks alot. ANd i can break tackles.


What ever happened to 49ers ex-QB Jim Druckenmiller?

No one can tell you if you are good unless they see you play. You can tell us all of this stuff that you want us to hear, but leave out all of the bad. Unless I see you, I cant tell you, stats are not everything, there are other factors, such as the team around you. If your O line sucks then chances are you wont have very good stats. If your receivers drop balls chances are you wont have a high completion percentage. See what I mean?

Football question (american)?


Who is the best QB of all time?

of course. keep it up bro you might be the next peyton!

How often do Arena Football games go into overtime?

wow your the next Mcdonalds worker

Do you think the NFL Referees Should be perfect in making calls?

One of the most underrated qualities of a QB is their leadership abilities. If you're a poor leader, you'll never make it as a QB. Work on listening to people and leading by example while never putting anyone down. This, along with your physical abilities, should make you a good QB.
Good luck in the future.

Will another city ever win all big three nation championships: NFL, NBA, MLB?

u cant throw 40-50 yards. do you play football, on a field with lines and everything. If you knew how long 50 yards was you would probably be saying 20yds right now.

how do i kno? i'm 11 and i can barely make it 20.

What do you think of the Cincinnati Bengals draft so far?

Sounds like it. But it isn't really important what all your stats are. Those change. Just keep working at it and ignore the idiots who put you down (even in these answers). But don't set yourself up for disappointment. If you want, aim for pro football, but always have a back-up. That way, if you have an accident or something, you'll have a job to support yourself. Good luck man!

So how did Notre dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen do in the spring practice game?

WOw keep it up and you will be a tom brady in the future, i can throw 69yds and im 14 though.

Does anyone really like Detroit Lions?

Sounds like you've got what it takes. Work hard and lead by example and you will be a great QB.

Who do you predict going to the Superbowl this upcoming season?

If you're not BS'ing me, then you're doing pretty well. Keep up the good work, work with a coach and I hope to see you in 10-12 years!

P.S. #1 PaCkE or whatever your name is. I hope you're not an idiot, because you're just jealous that there's someone better than you. Stop putting other people down for something you can't do yet.

Who are the top 7 quarterbacks currently playing in the NFL?

so can a lot of QBs. you got the arm, but it means nothing if you don't know how to use it right.

1. Intelligence
2. Accuracy
3. Field Vision
4. Pocket Awareness
5. Mobility
6. Leadership

Those things are the most important to determine a good QB.

Ohio State / Michigan or Alabama / Auburn?

if you can throw the ball 40-50 yd. dont throw picks and can run and break tackles than your the greatest QB of all time do you know your 40 time?

Is Michael Vick involved in illegal dog fighting? What's this guy's problem?

i am the exactly the same as u. im 11 and i can do all that stuff. so i consider myself good. ur good too.

So the Browns took a left tackle. Now who the heck is gonna run the ball for them?

how good u r depends on where u live...if ur playing up north ur not that good

A detroit lions question?

Oh boy, youre awesome tiger!

Hey, am I a good running back?
I can run fast, and um juke people and um jump high, and um spin, and um break tackles, and um oh yeah um I can also um score touchdowns like alot.

You cant just describe yourself in your own opinion in 1 sentence. We gotta hear your 40 time kid, lets hear how many TDs you threw compared to picks. Also, you could have a strong arm, but we dont know how accurate you are or how good you are at hitting moving targets and putting the ball where only your receiver can catch it. How good are your split second decision making skills? Are you a leader? Can you shine under pressure? At 11, you dont need to worry about how good you are at throwing, because you probably wont be doing much of it until you play Varsity ball. Last year, my JV team threw about 4-5 times a game, and thats not just us, nobody else did. In Varsity, thats when we started throwing it. Besides, at 11, I dont even think your depth perception is any good. You dont have accurate depth perception until about 13. I dont think youre throwing 50 yards in the 3rd grade or whatever grade 11 year olds are in. Keep playing though kid. It never hurt anybody to get better at what they do.

What is your definition of Adrian Peterson( Oklahoma running back that got drafted to the vikings)?

yeah you can take the place of Tony Romo as the kickholder, you might do better.

Football Help Defensive tackle?

That's nice, but the key to being a quarterback is being accurate with your throws and being able to read what the defense gives you? keep practicing

What is going to be the order of the N.F.C. East (in terms of records) at the end of the 2007 regular season?


How do people pick their favorite sports teams?

Well it seems like you are a decent QB. I think that if you grow more you could become a QB.

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