17th International game ?

Question:The NFL has proposed a 17th game on teams schdeules for an international game. do you think it will accually happed?



What do u think made shawn merriman a grate OLB?

Thats a stupid idea
Keep the schedule at 16 with a bye and take some freakin preseason games off!
Nobody outside the US REALLY wants football, just ask NFL Europe!

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NFL just want American football become into Olympic sport as sent billions dollars to Europe and international to lets more people watch the football game. The international favorite sport is the soccer.

Howard Cosell vs Jimmy the Greek?

Yes, I do think this will happen one day. I do not want them to do this. But I understand why they would. So they could bring the game of football to other countries and make more money.

What is going to happen to the penn state players that got arrested (suspension, how long)?

Nobody, I mean very few people outside of the US care about American footbore. People would go just for the spectacle. Then they would realize how boring the game is to watch in person because of all the stopping and starting.

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