J'm not very happy that Chiefs trade Dante Hall for the 5° round draft choice.?

What do you think about? Do you think Hall is the best returning man of NFL? Do you think also that Chiefs must pretend a best draft choice not only 148th overall?)


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It's been rumored that Jeff Webb (their 6th round pick from last year) is a very good return man and will replace him next year. The Chiefs have alot of holes to fill and they greatly needed the extra pick. They are a relatively old team and need as many picks as they can get to stay competitive. They got rid of him probably for that reason because it is somewhat of a small loss since he has poor receiving skills.

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Hester is the best, plus it is not that hard to find a good return man. Hall was not a great WR, so a 5th round draft pick is a fair trade.

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I think you have a right to be discouraged about getting only a 5th round choice for Hall. Let's face it, the Chiefs chances of getting a real star in the 5th round are not very good and Hall did do a pretty good job of returning kicks. To think that the Chiefs got fair value for him at this point, is ridiculous!

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he must be a salary cap casulty. They should of traded him a couple of years ago. Value would of been higher. Return men are good for a few years then go down hill (except for a few). Again they should of traded him sooner.

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As a BRONCOS fan, I am very happy with the move!!

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As a Rams fan I like it. For a proven return man, Rams haven't had one in years, it just cost a 5th round pick( Rams have a bad track record w/ 5th rounders) and a swap of 3rd rounders (only 2 spots apart, #82 to #84).

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If you are a KC fan you should be happy. Halls KR skills are not what they once were and his WR skills are almost non-existant so getting a 5th rounder is a bonus. Good trade for KC, bad trade for the Rams.

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I bet Herm doesn't care what you think. Hall hasn't done much the last couple of years, he won't be hard to replace.

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