49ers playoff bound in 07-08?

do you think that frank gore really gave the niners a shot in the arm, or do you think it was just a fluke that they started winning and he started rushing like he did? do you think the offensive coordinator and head coach will be able to build off of this? and most importantly..do you think that the niners could be in the playoffs this coming season?


Question peoples?

Hell yeah there playoff bound they got a rising stars in V. Davis, Gore, Smith, Lawson, and they got some tutors on both sides of the ball that really teach the young ones in Larry Allen and Bryant Young that should do well this upcoming season they got the no.11 pick they just signed Nate Clements. I dont Know if Norv Turners leaving will hurt the Niners. I think they win 10 games next season and gore rushes over 2000 yards they should go deep into the playoffs .

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I think the Niners will surprise a lot of people this season. Not only by making the playoffs, but by how deep they will go. They're be a Superbowl contender in the next 2 years.

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Gore is simply a beast.

Personally id like to see a winnin season for the niners..
playoffs, i just dont know if I buy into the whole rollin with nolan yet..

But id rather see a good niner team than anyone else in the confrence..

ps go vikings! :P

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I don't think so. Right now, I believe the year after maybe their year.

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theyll fall just short next year by maybe a game or 2. But the following year...look out!


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49ers they will be a playoff contender they have made alot of improving if they beat the cardinals on the opening game I'm sure they will win more games than last season

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