All eagle fans must answer should philly get rid of andy?

right before we were good the play callin was switched to marty and he ran that is wat i want to see more westbrook and andy wont do that


Does Buffalo deserve a team?

The Eagles will never win a superbowl under Andy Reid. His play calling is ridiculous and he refuses to address team needs through the draft and free agency. I personally would have fired him for punting on 4th and 15 in against the Saints in the playoffs. There was little time left and they were down by three. It was inexcusable. I guess he was tired from the long season and just wanted to go home and eat more.

Ravens picked Troy Smith, what do you think of that !?

Not if you want to win!

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how was punting on 4th and 15 a bad decison?

Do you like football?

You Eagle fans amaze me. You were furious when they took McNabb instead of Ricky Williams, and now you want to fire Andy Reid after a two mediocre years.

Is Russell the next Akili Smith ?

You clearly are joking or completely insane. Yeah, Andy Reid really is a crappy coach isnt he? He took over a team that went 3-13 the year before, whos offense couldnt score on the field by itself, and got them to grow as a team, made the right moves (McNabb over Ricky Williams, Akili Smith, and Shaun King)...has gotton them to the playoffs with almost regularity, with or without McNabb, he got them to 4 straight NFC championship games (winning only once, but you name me a coach who wouldnt love that success) and got them to the Super Bowl losing by only 3 to a "dynasty" Pats team.

Look pal, I'm a Lions fan. Thats right Detroit Lions. We couldnt hope to ever have a coach with HALF of Reid's resume!

So Reid's offense looked good under Marty..we had him as a coach! He did great didnt he??

The reason Marty had so much success is that he had a QB (Garcia) for much of the season who knew EVERYTHING about his offense. Those two working together previously in SF as OC and QB.

Fire Andy Reid.


Hes terrible.

Get him out now before he actually wins a Super Bowl!!!

I want to become a runningback. I have never played before and I am starting my freshman year. How do i suceed

Andy Reid should Quit for his own Good.

Philly fans should stop getting too drunk or stoned B4 games,..because the jail in the Basement at 'The LINC" can't hold all of you.

Your all a bunch of crybabies, your owner is too busy trying to Ball Actresses 20 years younger then himself,...
and i can do a better job as your teams' GM, so Hire me, and i'll build you a winning coaching staff!

I need help with nfl draft!!?

No way! I really don't want to see Marty the next Eagles coach. For the guy who said about booing McNabb. There were only 30 people who were there doing the booing. And a little fyi there are no jail cells in the Linc. Get the facts correct. Must be a Cowboys fan.

When wil the schedule for the 2007 NFL season be out does anyone have the date?

Andy Reid should stay. He has done good things with the Eagles. The reason that he does not run Westbrook more is because Westbrook has a history of injuries. If Westbrook got injured, bad news for the Eagles. So that is a smart move on Andy's part.

Why do british people hate american football,and americans themselves?

no if they wanna keep winning

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