Any info on this rumor?

I have been hearing that Raiders and Lions getting a del together for Josh McCowns. Anybody have any info about this?


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Even if it is true, these teams will be horrible again this year, I heard even the gangstas are throwing away their Raiders gear out of embarassment

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Yes its not going to happen. If th Lions do this then the Raiders pick Calvin Johnson with their #1 and the Lions loose the power they have to trade their pick to a team that wants Johnson. The aiders would like the deal to happen but it wont.

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nope! nothing! has anyone heard anymore about the Moss Trade!?

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This deal was close to being finnished but trade talks diminished and it will not happen. The raiders though the lions were asking for too high of a price for McCown.

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Yes, this trade is going to happen, the Raiders have already offered a 5th round pick, but the Lions want a 4th round pick, but the only way that they will do that is if the Lions resign McCown to a longer contract. I guarantee that this trade will happen on or a day before draft day.

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