What is wrong with this person?

Question:It seems like she is dying for attention, seriously check out this link of her sports1234.com profile. In everyone of her answers she writes

"I have the best answer for your question "(QUESTION)". Please click the link below to check my answer:


Here is the link to her sports1234.com profile, please help me report her abusiveness so Yahoo can ban her profile. Thanks!



The Troy Smith Pool?

She's been at it for awhile. Several accounts under that name have already been deleted. Her only purpose is to advertise that crap for a site of hers, and for some dumb reason she hasn't learned that nobody is going to take her site seriously like this and that she should've stop after her second or third account deletion.

Are the etrit lions cursed?

shes obviously a sports1234.com whore
who cant get enough points
she feens for points nonstop

What ever happened to johnnie rogers, punt return man from nebraska in the 1970's?

maybe she will have an answer to this question

What did charlie frye say about the browns drafting brady quinn?

Rufus pimps 3 ho's. If the price is $85 per trick, how many tricks per
day must each ho turn to support Rufus's $800 per day crack habit?

What are your ranking for the Big 10 next year, best to worst?

Yeah she is the type of thing that Yahoo claims they are filtering out. Remember they were going to put in filters or whatever and be more aggressive against Spam and trolls?

Did Stoops and Tressell ever coach together or is it coincidence car dealers pay their top recruits?

Ive reported her! She's a dumb cow looking 4 attention!

Should the vikings draft a new qb?

I like tater tots. YAY

Where can i find a video of miami vs fsu 93?

y is this question in sports?

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