Any fans out there of Ucla football?

How do you think they'll do this year. Are they going to have a great team?


Best Team in Minnesota Vikings History?

You bet! Did you see the ESPN exclusive look at the Bruins this year. Returning 20 starters and continued improvement, I think they should battle with USC for the PAC 10 title this year. Would love to see them in a Jan 1. Bowl Game as well.

Do you think that the need for a number 1 WR is overrated?

I am a big fan on UCLA since my Florida State Seminoles killed them in last year's Emerald bowl game which saved us on our first losing season in 30 years. But, no they will stink it up in the Pac 10 this year and probably finish third. USC might blow them out by 70 this year. Go BRUINS!

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