Anybody like the dallas cowboys cause i do?


How can i get in football shape fast?

Nope, I hate them more than any team. A bunch of punks and hicks.

The first person to...?

Hello :)
I do,I'm a big Cowboys fan.
Been a fan since the 80's
Go Cowboys :)

I'm looking for wholesale fabric, relating to sports.NFL teams, NCAA teams etc, can anyone help?


When will Peyton Manning be on Dancing with the Stars?

No, I doubt that anyone likes them just because YOU do.

Does AnyOne Know How Much These Football Cards Are Worth?

Straight up Cowboys fan right here, trade TO to the Ravens for Mark Clayton and a draft pick... Start Marion Barber and trade Julius Jones for a draft pick... THEN we could have a great team... OH yeah and Jason Ferguson doesnt cut it at nose tackle, get rid of him and try to trade Ellis too, get a younger outside backer or d-end, or draft picks... Build this team, Jerry Jones, dissapear please, Wade Phillips, dont give into Jerry Jones, demand the GM position and build this team like you want it...

Who thinks Michael Bush will do good in the NFL with the Oakland Raiders?

LOVE the Cowboys! Big year coming this next season! First time since the early 90's since we don't have any glaring weaknesses at any one position. Ofcourse we have concerns here and there, but most people have holes to fill. This team will have fewer holes than most. Also, our depth is looking great except for a few places here and there. Should be a great year. If we have a solid draft, we're back in the contention business for a few years at the very least! How 'bout them Cowboys!

Will Coach Tressel ride the OSU wave, or be swept under?

No, why would i like them just becuase YOU do? Why would anybody like them period?

If you were building your own NFL team?

E_A_G_L_E_S whoop that *** every year YEaHHHhh BABY

Where can i find a good texas longhorn layout for myspace?

cowboys suck

they couln't hold on to a ball

romo a quarterback is supposed to have big hands

man i hate them PATRIOTS RULE!!!

Where will the N.Y. Giants play thedophins,this season match up?

They have a pretty good team. I'm not a huge fan of their's though. But I feel that they have a pretty good team overall.

Who else thinks the Detroit Lions suck at everything overall?

how bout dem cowboys! of course. true fan. thru the good and the bad. america's team! now lets get that six ring!

Who is/was the top 3 Nebraska Cornhusker football players of all time offense and defense?

I hate the Cowboys and I live in TX. How bad is that? Cant wait to get out of this Lousy Western State and head into the Bay Area of Oakland.

What is a Peyton Manning rookie card ,playoff edition, worth? class of 1998?

Im a Cowboys Fan since i can remember ..thru the glory 70's ..disapointing 80's...and super 90's...they are going to be interesting this season .still not redy to jump on Romo's bandwagon through. I think he still has something to prove. I think he can do it.Glad to see Brad Johnson as badk-up, but i would feel better if they drafted a good high round QTR back. Def is going to be great.They Picked up Hamlin FS. from Seattle wich will allow Roy Williams to play closer to the line where he can cause some damage.Thats just right for him.with the new "Phillps 34 Def" If Romo comes thru this year it could be great year. Im looking forward to it.Cant wait. and when the new Stadium is done Cowboys should be ready for the BOWL !

Where can i get NFL london tickets?!?!?

I hate the Cowboys and I live in Dallas.

Who is the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL?

Their okay they should've done better last year.

Who was the last pick of last years NFL draft?

No, they have a retard for a quarterback, should change his name to Tony Butterfingers. Spoiled little brat for a wide reciever. And they ran out the best coach they have had in a while. Why would anybody like a team that is a puppet of Jerry Jones. Maybe if he wasnt breathing down the coaches neck all game they might have done better.

Can Brett Farve throw for 3,862 yards in 2007 and surpass Dan Marino as the NFL’s all-time passer ?

I live in Dallas, and I'm a Cowboy fan!

Who should be the starting QB for the Tampa bay Buccaneers ?

sorry, i'm an eagles fan, and eagles fans hate the cowgirls, i mean cowboys,ha.i don't know why you like the cowboys, especially since T.O. came, i'm glad the eagles got rid of that loser

Do you think I will get drafted?

i hate the cowboys more then my division rivals. cowboys are overrated. although i get some laughs when they call themselves america's team which came from computer ratings indicating they had the most support in 1995, but havent been near the top of the ratings since then. lol. they have a star on their helmet, must be why. i have more respect for the eagles and their fans then the cowboys. i do like the laughs from the cowgirl fans though. lol

What are 3 historical events that are linked to the cleveland browns?

Dallas sucks! Go 'Skins!!

How well do you think the Ohio State Buckeyes will do without Troy Smith?

I LOVE the Cowboys... But defiantly NOT just because you do!

Peyton Manning was pretty funny on SNL last night, huh?

I'm a GIANTS fan but, outside of the HATED EAGLES, there is no other team that I like to see them play. a great and, historic rivalry, brings out the best in both teams.

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