AFC West Offseason?

Who has had the best offseason so far in the AFC West? I say the Denver Broncos. They got Dre Bly who when paired with Champ will make one of the best CB duos in the league(assuming he reports). They filled a TE position with Graham that hasnt been the same since Sharpe left. They replaced a can't hack it RB with a great player in Henry. They got a WR in Stokely that has had a1,000-yard season as recently as 2004. They just signed back Sauerbrun.all in all a great offseason IMO.


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Chiefs have done alright so far Signed Napolean Harris (see how that works) welcomed back Donnie Edwards from San Diego. Most important Trent Green is on his way out the door which is great for the Chiefs. If not for Damon Huard KC would have been out of the playoff race by week 9 or 10 wisely Herman Edwards is making it a competition for the job. Green did not deserve to finish the season. No he shouldnt lose his job due to injury but it was very obvious after coming back he just didnt seem to be able to read defense and just made too many mistakes. Should be a good season unless your a SD fan they are gonna suck big time

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Definately the Broncos so far. They have the best cornerback in the game who can effectively shut down the other teams best reciever and then added one of the most talented, but inconsistent cornerbacks in the game to start opposite Champ in Dre Bly. Then added the perfect running back for their type of run game and zone blocking scheme in Travis Henry. Hes gonna have a monster year - think pro bowl guaranteed. Also picked up a starting caliber Tight End in Grahan, and lost little to nothing. They have to be right up there with the Chargers depending on how Cutler plays.

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Denver has definately done more talent grabbing (even though I have heard Bly does not want to play there & Stokley is a used to be)
I have not heard much about the Chiefs except that they got back Donnie Edwards.
The Raiders have sucked as usual.

However, the Chargers have simply kept the great raw talent that will take them even further this year. Sure, the Bolts mixed the coaching team up, but its still basically the same offense and defense as last year. Perhaps a little addition by subtraction.
I forsee the Donkeys and Chiefs giving the rest of the AFC a run for its money by the end of the season. The Raiders will find themselves where they belong, in the gutter.
The Chargers will be the top dog in 2007-08!

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The Broncos have also had a pretty rough offseason emotionally. Two tragic deaths of young and upcoming players could dampen the mood.

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The Broncos. They addressed every need in free agency accept defensive line, and the draft is loaded with D-Line talent. They're in great position

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I agree with you. Maybe with Bly there on opposite side of Bailey, they will FINALLY beat the colts!

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colts? try beating the chargers first.

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In terms of adding talent, the Broncos have had the best offseason. Adding Bly is huge for their defense. I'm not as impressed with the Stokely of Henry signings though. Stokely's best days are behind him, and Denver could have plugged just about any HB in their system and produced a 1,000 yard rusher.

However, the best offseason has to go to the Chargers. Not in terms of what they added, but rather what they kept. Re-signing Dielman was HUGE. Keeping the offensive line together that helped pave the way for a record setting season by LaDanian Tomlinson was critical to continuing the success the Chargers have had.

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