8 player trade between warriors and pacers?

this was so bad 4 the pacers!!!!!!1they are idiots 4 giving up harrington and jackson...such a stupid trade...any1 else thinks this is bad 4 the pacers!!!!


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I am a Pacers fan from Indianapolis and have been for 18 years.

Hardly anybody here liked Jackson or his attitude.

We will be sorry to see Al go but Murphy went to Notre Dame and I think he is a better rebounder which we need.

Dunleavy isn't so bad and should see alot of minutes.

Diogu is a project but I'm excited about him.

I am not sure about Mcleod but time will tell.

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I do, they are giving up a pretty damn good player in stephen jackson. The 4 players' value don't even add up to meet stephen jacksons value. This was a terrible, terrible trade for the pacers. its a shame that Larry Bird and those guys think that its a good trade. :(

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I think Murph will fit into the system well/Dunleavy better option then headcase Jackson(who might end up in Jail at season's end),Ike is a bonus .

I do not mind it as a Pacers fan.

Al was turning into BABY AL again behind the scenes or so it sounded like.He might have been harder to trade down the line.

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They had to get rid of Jackson.. Its all about image. Indianapolis does not want a group of thugs playing for them

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Yea you are right.

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