1B/Util in Fantasy Baseball?

Does anyone know why Yahoo lists certain players as 1B when they are actually DH and then some as Util? Example, David Ortiz is a DH but listed as 1B, Frank Thomas is a DH and listed as Util. Wouldn't it make sense just to list all DH as 1B/Util?


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In Yahoo! leagues using default settings, a player has to start 5 games or play 10 games at a position to become eligible for that position and that eligibility will carry over to the following year. That's why Ortiz qualifies at 1B. For example, Hafner only started 4 games at 1B last year during interleague play so still didn't qualify this year @ 1B.

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1B can play in the 1B slot or the Utility slot. If they are labeled Utility, they can only play in the Utility slot. DH is the same as Utility and can only play in the Utility slot.

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If a player actually played the position in the previous year then they are listed for multiple positions.

For David Ortiz, he does play first base for Boston during interleague play. He's not a good first baseman, but his bat is to valuable to take out of the lineup. Unclear why Ortiz wouldn't also carry the DH tag, but since a DH can only be a utility player in Yahoo and any position player can be a utility player - the DH tag is sort of meaningless in FB. It's better if the player has a position tag.

I don't know what happens to Frank Thomas during interleague play?

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If a player ever plays 1B, or had in the previous year they will be listed at that position. I used Soriano at 2nd base all season last year, because the year before he played 2nd for the Rangers. It won me my league. I guess Frank Thomas was too lazy to trot out to 1B at all last year.

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they had to start atleast 12 games the previous year to earn the roll. so if last year they did both, then they get the title for both. if they only DH last year, then they are strictly util players.

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If a player played a started at a position more than 10 games or played the position in 20 gms they are listed at that position. Since Big Pappi plays 1st in interleague games he is able to be listed as a first baseman.

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