Anyone know what are the Best Fantasy Football Keepers?

What are the best 10 keepers at each position in your own opinion?


Suppan or wolf as a SP?

You've asked for 10, but here's my thoughts:

**My personal feeling is that whenever possible, keep TWO Running Backs, when you have 2 Runningbacks in the top 15-20, keep em both, unless you have a top 3 QB, or Top 5 WR. Running Backs win Fantasy football leagues!

There's only 3-4 QBs worth keeping:
Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Carson Palmer, & McNabb (depending on the injury rehab)

There are AT LEAST 10 RBs worth keeping, even more (here's my 10 best):
L.T., L.J., Shaun Alexander, Frank Gore, Steven Jackson, Willie Parker, Brian Westbrook, Reggie Bush, Maurice Drew, & Joseph Addai

There are also only a few WR worth keeping:
T.O., Chad Johnson, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Torry Holt, Steve Smith

The ONLY TE worth keeping if you've got no keepers at RB, WR, & QB is:
Antonio Gates


Fantasy trade in 8-man league, fair?

QB- Peyton Manning and Tom Brady (Vince Young would be great pick, esp if he progresses the way he looks like he will)
RB- LT & LJ (sleeper Maurice Jones-Drew)
TE- Antonio Gates (Colston (although not really a TE) was awesome in Yahoo leagues this year, though.)
WR- Chad Johnson, M. Harrison, Reggie Wayne (but look at Larry Fitzgerald next year, esp if AZ can get protection for Leinart)
K- Vinatieri, Jeff Wilkins (always look to the high scoring teams, playing indoors or good climates)
DEF- Is there any doubt? Da Bears and Ravens

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Of course you will have to wait for the off-season adjustments such as the draft, coaching changes, and different player personal. However it looks like the NFL should be a replica of this year's with most of the important players locked on their respective teams. The Cardinals offense should show a 'new' flash after the hiring of Whisehunt (former assistant coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers). Overall, LaDainian Tomlison, Peyton Manning, Larry Johnson, Frank Gore, Chad Johnson, Marvin Harrison, and Clinton Portis are must keeps. Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin should be high on the list, as should the Saints and Bengals offense. Carson Palmer, Rudi Johnson, Drew Brees, Reggie Bush, and Deuce McAllister are all considerations. Halfbacks such as Ronnie Brown, Edgerrin James, Brian Westbrook are must keeps for keeper leagues of length, especially Westy.
Sleeper pick of the year (heads up) Remember to think about Brandon Jacobs during the draft; he's been brillant so far and Tiki's retirement hands him the overall number one spot.

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