Are there any active free fantasy baseball leagues for 2007?


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What do you mean by this question? Yahoo! Sports and other websites offer free fantasy baseball leagues every single year if that's what you mean.

--The Sports Guru

Are there any sites that offer tips for auto drafts in fantasy baseball?
cbs sportsline has one. It is a free fantasy basketball league. I didn't look into the details, but I know that you can still sign up.

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Unlike the other people that answered, I actually UNDERSTAND your question. Not that it's difficult to understand whatsoever; I don't know why the others had so much problem figuring it out.

Just the other day, I was thrown into the fantasy baseball frenzy. I started looking up and down the net, going from Yahoo! to CBSportsline to, but, unfortunately, I couldn't find a single site that had a free fantasy baseball league ready to be formed.

However, word has it that Yahoo! is opening their leagues on February 2, 2007 (which happens to be my birthday). Other leagues, besides Yahoo!, should also be opening around that time.

So be patient, my eager friend. In a week or two, you will be immersed in fantasy sports bliss!

Which WR should I start this week?

tinomart99 where did you get that info? On the old fantasy baseball home page, if you click help it says 2006 starts on feb 2, but how did you get the word that 2007 mlb starts on that date?

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