A Rugby football match The Homepride Men VS The Tetley Tea Folk. Who would win?


Did I make a good trade David Ortiz, Ryan Zimmerman, Clemens for Chipper, Ryan Howard and Ted Lilly?

league or union?

If you had Jeter, Bay, and Harden would you give them up for J.Santana,T.Hoffman,and S.Kazmir?

Those tetley tea folk would make toast of those homepride men

Fantasy MLB, Should I drop Josh Hamilton For Ken Griffey Jr?

the tetley tea folk r made from porcelain or plaster of paris or something equally as fragile, but the homepride men are all doughy and soft, so i think that the homepride men could easily charge through the tetley folk and break them, also if they were to be tackled it wouldn't hurt and they could bounce right back up 2 their feet so the homepride men would definitely win!

Week 14: Vince Young or Carson Palmer?

Tetlys would perforate Homepride boys who couldnt make grade.(Its North v South innit?)

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