2 out of these 3 RB (GORE, L. JOHNSON or TIKI)?

Question:I´ve got the three of them and I like them all coming into this final week for my championship game.

Tiki at Washington in what could be his last ever NFL game and with a good history in past games against them.

Larry Johnson vs. Jaguars. How can I leave him out?

Frank Gore at Denver. 49ers already out. Weather conditions might make them run rather than pass. Broncos struggling against the run lately...

What should I do?

Thanks for your help


Jones drew or tiki?

You definitely have to play LJ at home. The Chiefs are very strong at home with their loud and crazy crowd, and coach Edwards opens the offense up a little. LJ could easily have a 30-carry game, especially if the Chiefs get up early.
I don't like RB's in the snow, heck I don't like many fantasy players in the snow. So, Gore goes to the bench while Tiki, in what could be his last game, will most definitely get all the goal-line snaps that the Giants can bring him. Go with the future broadcaster and Grandmama.

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Giants are still in it. Play Tiki. They will likely need him. Both Jacksonville and KC are still in so play Johnson. Gore probably is the man to rest as the 49ers are out of it and conditions will be horrendous.

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find the two with the best stastics for the position and play them.

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LJ and Tiki.

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LJ-because hes a stud and you start him no matter what
if 9ers make it into denver play gore- 9ers are out of it, but nolan isnt letting anyone give up yet. they can still knock the broncos out of the playoffs. gore still wants to break the 9ers all time rushing record and wants to finish as high in the rushing race between LJ and LT as possible.
besides tiki doesnt score TDs, brandon jacobs does

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LJ and Tiki. Tiki will have a field day against the Skins and LJ is a must start everyweek. Gore will struggle, even if the Broncos have been struggling a bit. The Niners can't block Denver's front seven so don't expect too many yards from Gore unless he breaks one.

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Larry Johnson, although not going to the playoffs he plays for a coach who believes "You play to win the game" so he will definitely play.

Tiki-only because redskins will screw up the opportunity to give the Gmen a ticket out of the playoffs.

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man that's tough.. you really can't go wrong with either of those guys to tell you the truth

frank gore is a beast by the way!

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gore, he has been strong all season, and johnson he has been hot, hot and hot!

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