Amare Stoudamire and Dwayne Wade for Antawn Jamison and Raymond Felton?

This deal was done in our league by someone who hasn't participated all year to someone who is participating. The person who traded Stoudamire and Wade is the one who hasn't won a game. Please explain or tell me if you feel this is a fair deal. I'm going to our commissioner tomorrow about this and I want to have as much back up as I can. If you think I'm overreacting to this deal, please let me know as well. Thank you to all who answer in advance.


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No this is not a fair trade. He is helping the other team by this trade. Wade is one of the top guards in the league and his stats will get better in the second half. He will not have to carry his team as much. Shaq is back and that can only help. Stoudamire is one of the better PF. Reject this trade. Jamison and Felton are good players but they are not in the same league as Wade and Stoudamire. If he does not like WADE then I would get Jamison and Felton for him. THIS TRADE IS NOT FAIR. It might be to late to do anything about it unless the commissioner can veto it still.

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Its not. Thats why you should never let in people who don't do their updates daily. The commish can veto if enough complain.

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no it's not
i would've objected it!
he's just helping the other team win because he sucks at fantasy.
you should report to the commissioner to see what he does about it.

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Complain, this is a terrible deal.

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Everyone in the league should be complaining about this deal. Wade and a healthy Stoudamire are first round talents. As much as I like Felton, neither he or Jamison sniffs the first round or probably even the second round if the draft were held today and Jamison was healthy.

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yea this is robbery. the guy getting amare and dwyane totally won that deal, its really not even that close. you should definitely complain.

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It's rediculous. Raymond Felton's FG% is below 40, and all of his stats are below Wade's except for assists which are close. And Stoudamire's numbers are better than Jamison's who's injured. The deal makes no sense.


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I think I'd murder both of them. That's unbelievable.

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