What RB and WR should I go with?

Question:RB pick one: Dunn, Julius Jones, Leon Washington, Pittman

WR: Curry or Matt Jones


Few questions?

Dunn and Pittman... Jones.

Garrett adkins?

go with leon at RB

Why am I "unable to register at this time" for CBS Sportsline NCAA Pool?

Washington had his big week last week. Plus Barlow is back, so I am not starting him.

Is this a Good fantasy team for baseball?

RB Julius Jones Dallas needs to win to have a shot at the Eagles. (In case they lose) Parcells said "all play all game" I take that to mean he will play his starters the whole game. But Parcells is one freaky coach. I think he cost Dallas the game last week.

WR Matt Jones He is finally healthy to bad it comes on the last game of the season . I know he has played the last three weeks, but I drafted this guy and I still have him on my team. He will have one good year next year and here he is your best option as he will play.

* Luck!

Frank C

Should i trade verlander for placido polanco?

dunn and matt jones

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