Are Parcells and Cowher as great as most think,or are they overrated?


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I think Cowher is a great coach, especially since he had to follow Chuck Noll. Parcells never really was a good coach he has always just been with a good organization.

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Cowher is a genius...

Parcells is overrated...

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Great yes, the best ever no. Not in the same legue as Shula, Landry, Lombardi, Noll.

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andy ried.


Parcells yes he's way over-rated.

Cowher is a great coach I think he'll show us that next year.

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i dont think so, i think they're overhyped, any coach who stays in the nfl long enough and gets in the right situation can win championships

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overrated. agree with answer #2

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Cowher has been a solid coach for a team that has gone through a myriad of good and bad times. Cowher has shown the leadership qualities that inspire teams to greatness. Cowher has shown the determination and steely will not to back down from his critics nor opponents. He has stuck it out with a team that many say couldn't get past their 70's heritage. Cowher has helped redefine the Pittsburgh legacy.

Parcells is beyond overrated. If Norwood makes the field goal against the Giants in Super Bowl XXV, then Parcells would not even be in this conversation. Parcells goes through the same motions and employs the same ideas. If the team he goes to has enough talent, they look strong and ready for the playoffs. However, many NFC teams have scouted Billy's schemes and have shown his flagrant weaknesses on the field. Furthermore, instead of being a coach and helping players going through slumps and bad games, he just cuts them from the team as if they were always a terrible inconvenience to him. He doesn't know how to handle failure at any level and prefers to pass the blame to everyone else except himself (even T.O. sees that).

Cowher has struggled and fought alongside his team, making him an honored son of Pittsburgh. Parcells has alienated and irked disgruntled fans throughout his career, making him a son of a B*.

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