Alexander, Gore, Drew and Addai. Pick 2 to start Week 17?


Kouzmanoff & Matt Capps for Mark Teahen?


Should i trade Ryan Zimmerman and Bobby Jenks for Miguel Cabrera and Brad Lidge?

Alexander, He picked it up last week, I would expect another big game outta him.

Then I would go with Drew, his numbers are crazy for a rookie, He should win rookie of the year.

Gore is a good option but playing in Denver's cold weather would worry me a bit.

I am still not sold on addai, he averages a little over 67 yards a game and only has 7 tds, 4 came against the eagles when their run D was really struggling

What would you give my fantasy baseball team from 1-10?

Gore and Alexander. SF has just pride to play for so Gore will show up. Even though the Hawks have clinched a berth the need MO

What injuries are bad news in fantasy basketball?

I must always remind people in Fantasy Football that you must stick with your most consistent player. In this case Alexander has not been consistent and they have clinched their division, he might not play all game or at all so that he can stay healthy for the playoffs.Joseph Addai is too inconsistent to play in a championship Fantasy game.The two best running backs of this line up are Gore and Drew. Gore is still running for a contract extension and Drew is trying to run his team into a wild card spot.Both Gore and Drew have played well all season, which is why you should stick with them during your playoff games unless they are hurt.So , feel free to start Gore and Drew and have no worries.

P.S. I own Maurice Drew in one of my leagues so I know his stats personally..I have been playing him through the playoffs and he has helped me to the championship game in that league.

Rate my Fantasy basketball team?

gore and drew

QB choice: manning or brees?

alexander and drew

Im battlin for the first place... HELP!!?

drew and gore

What would be your top five picks for fantasy baseball?

I would go with Gore and Drew based on matchups and team situations. i think they are your best options.

How good is this fantasy football team?

definetly Jones-Drew
Alexander wont play all game neither will addai
I would go gore even against the Denver Defense

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