1 RB to start...Jones-Drew, Betts or Dillion?


Zambrano,Pierre, Konerko, Benitez for Andruw Jones and Ryan Howard?

got to go with jones-drew noone has stopped him the last couple of weeks

Hows my team??

Betts or Dillon here. Betts has been hot of late and Dillon doesnt have to worry about Maroney this week as he is out. That being said, I think it go with Dillon.

I was offered Dye (CWS) and Bonderman (DET) for manny should i trade?

Jones-Drew - He gets their TD.s by land and the colts give'em up by land!

Who would you start?

Ladell betts will destroy the Philly defense today, so go with him.

Why does it show the 3rd place trophy on my profile when I won my fantasy football playoffs?

Go with Betts, he should do great!

Should I drop Michael Young and pick up Bill Hall?

Jones-Drew. He had 103 yards on 13 carries and 1 TD last time against Indy. I would expect another big game from him

Where does roy williams live?


Willie Parker, Edge James, Marion Barber, choose 2..?

Betts all the way. The other two share there carries too often. Betts should have a big day, yards wise, and probably a score or two.

How do I delete my fantasy golf profile?

For all start/sit, trade, waiver wire etc questions I always check these guys out:


Good luck.

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