After installing the new McAfee Internet Security Suite, I can no longer view my Yahoo Fantasy Sports team?

All I get is just an orange background when I try to view my team. Is this a firewall issue, maybe the fault of Yahoo, or maybe a spyware incompatibility? Frustrating!


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that shouldn't be the problem, if it is, its the anti-spyware program, cauze i got firewall, virus scan, spamkiller, and all dat, but no anti-spyware, and i got no problem, just try uninstalling anti-spyware.

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same thing happened to me last week. I had to delete it and go back to another provider. I tried it on 2 computers and it did the same thing. Good luck

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Like the dude said above run your anti-spyware. When you download stuff tons of spyware goes on your computer.

Also when you go to yahoo that sometimes puts cookies on your page. Go to tools make sure it didn't change the cookie status. You have to allow cookies.

It does sound like a firewall issue yes/coookie issue/both.

Run spyware and make sure your allowing cookies and then you should be good to go.

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